Thank you for your interest in a Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration (HESA) Graduate Assistantship at The University of Vermont.

Please note that in order to be considered for a HESA Graduate Assistantship, this application and all of the required materials should be submitted by December 1. Letter of references should be sent to

Responses to the essay questions in the application should be written in the text boxes following the prompts, not sent as additional documents. Please consult the applications FAQs if you have any questions about this application.

Contact Information
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Graduate Program Information
Graduate Assistantship offered through the Division of Student Affairs requires students to be enrolled in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration program.
Educational Background
List all colleges and universities attended by date of enrollment (most recent first):
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Personal Statement
In an essay of 500 words or less, please tell us (beyond what we can read in your resume), how your interests, skills, values and experiences have shaped your aspirations for being a student affairs/higher education professional. Insert your statement below.
Essay Question
The guiding philosophy of the University of Vermont, known as Our Common Ground, is as follows: The University of Vermont is an educationally purposeful community seeking to prepare students to live and work in a diverse and changing world. We who work, live, teach, study, do research, conduct business or participate in the University of Vermont are members of this community. As members, we believe in the transforming power of education and agree to help create and foster an environment where we can discover and reach our true potential. We aspire to be a community that values respect, integrity, innovation, openness, justice and responsibility. In 500 words or less, tell us about your experience with and commitment to social justice. Specifically, how do you envision implementing social justice and the tenets of Our Common Ground into your work in a graduate assistantship? Insert your answer below.
Assistantship Preferences
Please rank your preference of assistantships in which you are most interested. After each preference, write no more than 50 words explaining your interest in that particular assistantship. ONLY include preferences and rationales for available assistantships. IMPORTANT NOTE: There were changes made to assistantships on 11/26/18. Please review the opportunities before outlining your preferences in this application.
How to Submit Your Resume

Email a PDF version of your resume to
NOTE: Please title your file as follows: First initial of first name and full last name - for example, Jane Doe would be JDoe.

Letter of Recommendation
Please forward three letters of recommendation in support of this application, at least two of which come from supervisors/employers. Letters should be submitted directly from the recommender via e-mail to Please provide the names of your three recommenders below:
Please note that if you are applying for the Higher Education and Student Affairs graduate program, you will need to submit a separate set of three letters of recommendation to the Graduate College. Please see the Application FAQs for details.
By signing and submitting this application, I agree that the information I have presented is true and correct. I understand that incomplete or false information may make me ineligible for assistantship consideration. I authorize the University of Vermont to conduct routine inquiry, which may include contacting present or previous employers, during the process of my application to secure necessary information and to determine employability.
Signature (You may type your signature above)
University Policy – Equal Opportunity in Education Programs and Activities and Non-harassment Policy V. The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College is committed to a policy of equal educational opportunity. The University therefore prohibits discrimination on the basis of unlawful criteria such as race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or gender identity or expression, as those terms are defined under applicable law, in admitting students to its programs and facilities and in administering its admissions policies, educational policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic programs, and other institutionally administered programs or activities made available to students at the University.
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