Below are some frequently asked questions for the assistantship process. If your question is not answered below you can email us at

When are applications for assistantships due?
Completed applications are to be submitted no later than December 1. Please note that the HESA Academic application is also due to the graduate college on December 1.

What application materials do I need to apply for a HESA graduate assistantship?
To apply for a HESA graduate assistantship, you must complete and submit the following by December 1.

You will need the assistantship application, which must include:

  1. Three letters of reference, two of which must be written by current or former supervisors/employers who can speak to your traits/skills
  2. A current resume
  3. A short personal statement
  4. A short answer to a question on the application

What application materials do I need to apply for the HESA graduate program?
Please refer to the Graduate College website. You may also find helpful information on the HESA academic program's website.

Where do I send my application materials?
All material for the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration graduate program should be sent to the Graduate College

Your assistantship application has to be submitted online. Letters of recommendation must be emailed to us.

Do the academic and assistantship applications each require a set of reference letters?
 Yes, each application (assistantship and HESA graduate program) requires three reference letters.  For the graduate assistantship process, we recommend that two of the three letters speak to your interests and passion for student affairs and highlight your professional preparation as an undergraduate student/returner to the academy. If the third individual writing your letter of recommendation can speak to your preparedness for graduate level work and your interest and passion for the field of student affairs, you can certainly use the same letter for both applications.

Can I use the same reference letters for both applications?
Yes, as long as they each have original signatures and as long as the references for the assistantship application include at least two letters from current/former supervisors or employers who can speak to your employment experience.

Can I apply for the HESA graduate program without applying for a HESA graduate assistantship?
Yes, you do not need to apply for a graduate assistantship to be considered for admission to the HESA graduate program.

Can I apply for a HESA graduate assistantship without applying for the HESA graduate program?
No, students must apply for the HESA program. Currently, the Graduate Assistantships are only available to students in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration program.

Are there HESA assistantships available in addition to the ones listed online?
Generally, the list accurately reflects the available assistantships for the upcoming admissions cycle. Occasionally, however, new assistantships are created and the list will be updated accordingly. If you are invited for an on-campus interview, you will also be notified of updated assistantships that might be a good fit for you, based on your interests and experiences. Please review the available assistantships page for the most up-to-date information.

Are there other assistantships available on campus?
The HESA assistantships are offered in close partnership with the HESA graduate program. If you are interested in an assistantship and are enrolled in another program or do not plan on applying for the HESA program, please contact the Graduate College for other options.

How do I select a HESA assistantship?
You should consider areas you are interested in and previous experiences. While all of the HESA Graduate Assistantships offered will provide a combination of skills and experiences that will assist you as you take your next professional steps in the field of higher education and student affairs, the actual experiences within each assistantship may be quite different. Every placement, however, will provide ample opportunity for learning and discovery. It is ultimately up to the student, as a reflective practitioner, to draw connections between the higher education and student affairs literature and professional experiences.

There are several key themes and areas of content that will be present in all of the assistantships. The University of Vermont strongly values and promotes multicultural competency in order to prepare professionals for working with students from a variety of different backgrounds and identities. Students will also be able to gain an understanding and knowledge of the organizational and structural characteristics of the University.

How long is my appointment as a Graduate Assistant?
Graduate assistantships are two-year appointments. The second year is renewed in January so long as assistantship requirements have been satisfactorily met.

If I am invited, when will the interviews take place?
There will be two separate sets of interview dates: February 5-6, 2017 and February 19-20, 2017.


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