Staff Council Representatives attend a presentation by Provost Prelock at the Annual Retreat.


The UVM Staff Council serves as an advocate for staff by seeking out and responding to their ideas and concerns, representing them to the University administration, and keeping staff informed of University initiatives. Staff Council works to create a cohesive community, have a positive impact on staff culture, and promote the betterment of all.

Constitution & Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws outline the role of Staff Council as a governance body that serves in an advisory capacity to the University President. The Bylaws contain information about how the Council functions, who is eligible for service, the responsibility areas of the Council and Committees, and the Council's mission and goals. They were last revised on January 7, 2020. 
Staff Council Bylaws (PDF).

What We Do

Staff Council Fast Facts (PDF)

Staff Council advises and makes recommendations to the University President and other University leaders on compensation, benefits, and other conditions of employment, while providing staff perspective on University-wide initiatives and searches for senior leaders. The organization, which has had several different configurations of standing and ad hoc committees over the years, is supported by the Staff Council office and meets monthly as a full group.

Since the mid 1970’s, the Staff Council has published a monthly newsletter (now an e-newsletter) titled Staffline that is sent to all University staff and retired staff. Staff Council also holds annual social events like the Holiday Bazaar, bus trips, and golf outings to build community, and manages the Professional Development Fund and the Staff Emergency Loan Fund. Staff Council established both the Staff Recognition Week and the former Staff of the Year Award—an award that has been replaced by the President's Our Common Ground Staff Award.

Over the decades since its inception, the Staff Council has grown into a fully representative body that includes staff members from all Colleges/Units/Divisions and appoints staff to University-wide boards, committees, and workgroups. Staff Council is one of five governance bodies recognized by the University, the others being the Student Government Association, the Graduate Student Senate, the Faculty Senate, and the Board of Trustees. Unlike these other bodies, Staff Council does not make University policy, rather the Council and its four Standing Committees submit recommendations and requests to the Administration for review, based on the concerns and recommendations communicated to Representatives by their constituents and to the Staff Council Office directly. Staff Council also works collaboratively with leaders, departments, and organizations to find solution to issues and concerns that impact staff and the larger UVM Community.

All Staff Council initiatives and positions on key issues are determined through voting at the Council's monthly meeting.


The Staff Council was formed in 1971 during the administration of President Edward C. Andrews. Designated the “Non-Academic Employee’s Council,” it was created to serve in an advisory capacity to the President on all matters affecting the University’s non-faculty employees. Prior to this time, there was no formal organization representing staff interests at the University. Staff Council went through a major transition and restructuring from 2006 to 2007 during the administration of President Daniel M. Fogel to fulfill a greater role in staff advocacy and the University’s collective governance.

Staff Council logo

Key Accomplishments

  • Improved nursing parent stations
  • Expanded breastfeeding education & family resources
  • Professional Development Fund
  • Unlimited accumulation of sick leave
  • Sick leave increased by two days
  • Two paid personal days
  • Two additional personal days after 20 years of service at UVM
  • Bereavement Leave 
  • Additional family members in Bereavement Leave Policy
  • Community Service Award
  • Staff Emergency Loan Fund
  • Dental plan
  • Annual salary recommendations
  • Increase in UVM contribution to pension plan
  • Parking passes priced at % of salary
  • Smoking policy
  • Summer working hours (8-4:30) year-round
  • Staff Recognition Week