Point-By-Point Commentary On:

Sodexho Marriott's "FAQs on issues raised by the Prison Moratorium Project"

By Kevin Pranis of the Prison Moratorium Project and National Organizer Grassroots Leadership.

Sodexho Marriott Services (SMS) released publicly its responses to supposed claims made by the Prison Moratorium Project (PMP). The question and answer sections were written by SMS, while the italicized commentary was written by Kevin Pranis of the PMP.

Q: Sodexho Marriott Services has been the target of protests organized by a group called Prison Moratorium Project. Can you explain what this is all about?

A: Recently we have come under attack by an activist group known as the Prison Moratorium Project (PMP), which is opposed to the operation of prisons by privately run companies, comparing for-profit prisons to slave labor camps.

PMP alleges that Sodexho Marriott Services derives profits from ownership and management of prisons. Sodexho Marriott Services is not in the for-profit prison business. The PMP is making a questionable link to this issue through one of our shareholders. As a publicly traded company, Sodexho Marriott Services has more than 36,000 shareholders, including Sodexho Alliance which owns a minor stake (less than 8%) in Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a private prison company. Sodexho Marriott has no control over the investments and business dealings of any of our shareholders, including Sodexho Alliance.

However, Sodexho Alliance's Chairman Pierre Bellon has said publicly that it is the company's intention to divest its stake in CCA.

Q: What is the Prison Moratorium Project?

A: PMP is an activist organization, affiliated with the U.S. chapter of Socialist International. Led by professional activist Kevin Pranis, the organization was founded in 1995. PMP describes itself as "a youth-led grassroots organization dedicated to halting prison expansion, empowering youth and other constituencies affected by prison expansion." PMP also seeks to stop the incarceration of non-violent youth offenders, including those convicted of drug crimes.

Our senior executive team held discussions with PMP earlier this year to attempt to understand and respond to their issues and concerns, explaining that we have no control over the business affairs of our investors. Nonetheless, PMP officials have publicly stated that regardless of the facts, they will continue to target our company to generate publicity for their cause.

Q: PMP has compared for-profit prisons to slave labor camps. What is your response?

A: We're in the food service and facilities management business, not the prison business, and we have no official position regarding the for-profit prison industry.

Q: Does Sodexho Marriott Services operate prisons?

A: No. The company has no operational or ownership interest in any part of the private or public prison industry. Sodexho Marriott Services' business is providing food service and facilities management to schools, colleges and universities, corporations and health care facilities.

Q: I heard that Sodexho Marriott Services uses prison labor on its campuses. Is that true?

A: That is absolutely false. We do not and have never employed prisoners at any of our 5,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Q: Is Sodexho Marriott Services part of Sodexho Alliance or Marriott? What's the company's history?

A: Sodexho Marriott Services was formed following the spin-off of Marriott Management Services from Marriott International. In March 1998, the former Marriott management Services merged with the North American operations of Sodexho Alliance to create a new, independent publicly-traded company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Sodexho Marriott Services pays an annual fee to each company for independent license agreements for the use of the names Sodexho and Marriott.

Q: Does CCA's president serve on your Board of Directors?

A: No. Doctor Crants, the former president and CEO of Corrections Corporation of America, officially resigned from Sodexho Marriott's Board of Directors in April.