Let it be known that we the undersigned demand that the Board of
Trustees at the University of Vermont cancel their contract with food
service provider Sodexho Marriott Services (SMS) as long as they, or
their parent company Sodexho Alliance (SA) continue to invest in the
for-profit prison industry.  We object to our money (through mandatory
meal plans and purchasing food on campus) being used to fund the
construction and operation of for-profit prisons.  Sodexho Alliance's
recent promise to divest from the Correctional Corporation of America
(CCA) is not enough.  We demand that SA divest from all agents of the
prison industrial complex including international private prison
	Many alternatives options exist including student-managed dining,
socially conscious businesses, or the use of organic, bioregional, and
genetically modified free foods.  The student body must approve any
alternative food service provider.  Alternative contracts must insure the
job security for the current University Dining Services staff and the
right for the employees to organize.