My Messages, located on the lower right corner of the screen, is an internal email system to send proposal and protocol related correspondence.  My Messages enables proposal and protocol related communication between various users. These messages can link to proposal or protocol records within InfoEd.  Users can efficiently manage communications, and track and respond to requests.  My Messages includes a basic set of folders through which the individual user can manage and organize their messages and tasks.

My Messages - Delegates

  1. If you are a delegate for another user, you can access their InfoEd messages.
  2. To do this, start at the main portal page.
  3. Locate the My Messages tab at bottom right side of screen.
  4. There will be a small icon on that tab that looks like a small person.
  5. Click that small icon and a list of the delegates will appear.
  6. Click on the name.
  7. From there you can open their In Box to retrieve messages.


  • Inbox - All messages are sent to this folder upon receipt. From here individual users have a number of options for message management.
  • Saved - Messages that you save in your Inbox by selecting the Save button will automatically be moved to your saved messages folder. From here you may perform any function you like with the message (reply, reply to all, forward, remove, etc.).
  • Drafts - When you are creating a new message or replying to a message you have the option of saving them as a draft. Selecting the button from the message creation window will automatically save your message in any state of completion to this folder.
  • Sent - All of your outgoing messages are automatically saved to this folder.
  • Deleted - All messages that you remove from folders by selecting them and clicking the button will be sent to the deleted items folder. From here, you may select them and permanently delete them from the system by clicking the button.
  • Tasks - Tasks sent to the user will register within the Inbox and the Task box. Task detail differs greatly from Messages. ALL Tasks are created within Task Management (an Administrative function), but updates and comments may be made via the Tasks link in Messages.
  • Preferences - Although not a messages folder, the Preferences link in the message center allows user to customize message management.

Updated 3/26/19