All new sponsored project proposals, resubmissions, competing renewals, supplemental proposals, and pre-proposals requiring detailed budgets (hereafter referred to as, Proposal) must be submitted to SPA using InfoEd, prior to submission to the sponsor.

  • For most federal sponsors, Principal Investigators will now use InfoEd System-to-System (S2S) functionality to create, route and directly submit proposals from InfoEd to Grants.Gov.

  • For non-federal sponsors, Principal Investigators will continue to use InfoEd to create and route the proposal for internal approvals, and will follow the sponsor's proposal submission process.

InfoEd approvals are not required for non-competing subsequent years of funding included in the original proposal submission. Note: In those cases where InfoEd approvals were not collected prior to submission, they will be required prior to the award acceptance process.

Updated 5/16/19