UVM offers numerous shared core facilities and research resources that provide access to specialized instruments, technologies, services, as well as expert consultation and other services to our researchers and clinical investigators.

When developing budgets for grants applications it is important to contact each core facility for current pricing.

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Note: See below information about the MRI Center for Biomedical Imaging.

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MRI Center for Biomedical Imaging

The MRI Center for Biomedical Imaging is shared research facility that is support by the College of Medicine and by grant funded research study fees. The MRI Center welcomes new research studies and will make every effort to accomodate the needs of your study; however, some studies will draw more significantly on the resources of the center and may require advanced preparation.

We strongly encourage investigators to consult with a radiologist about reviewing the MRI scans for pathology. If you are planning to involve a radiologist in your study; especially for safety screening purposed, you should contact Dr. Joshua Nickerson in advance. Please do not wait until your study is ready to start up to do so. Radiologist safety reads are not automatically performed for research MRI's. You will be required by the IRB and the University of Vermont Medical Center compliance department to demontrate that you have billing plan in place prior to study approval.

An MRI Center Proposal for Use form must be completed and approved well in advance of the study start date. Forms can be downloaded from the MRI Center for Biomedical Imaging website.

Investigators who are planning to use the MRI Center as a resource for their study must be sure to contact one of the following people to ensure that your proposed MRI study can be accommodated:


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