Use the SPA Budget Worksheet (XLS) to develop your proposal budget.  For assistance contact, your department's the assigned SPA Research Administrator to start the worksheet for you.

Instructions - Tab 1

1. Complete the data in the boxes at the top right corner

  • InfoEd Number
  • SPA Research Administrator name and date started
  • Worksheet Type
  • Principal Investigator Name
  • Proposal Department
  • Sponsor
  • Originating Sponsor
  • Purpose
  • UVM Rate Type
  • F&A Allowed?
  • Sponsor Rate
  • Multiple Principal Investigators?
  • Start and End Dates
  • Inflation Characteristics
  • Important Comments

2. Personnel

  • Enter Personnel names
  • Select Role and Role Type from drop box
  • Enter Current Salary
  • Enter Effort % for Sponsor Costs and for UVM Cost Share Commitments, if applicable
  • Enter Appointment Type (12,10,9 or 3 months)
  • Select Fringe Benefit Rate Type - the fringe benefit costs will auto-calculate for each year of the project based on blended rate across the fiscal years.

3. Other Direct Costs

  • Enter other direct costs

4. Subcontracts

  • Enter subcontract name(s)
  • Enter subcontract(s) direct and indirect costs

Instructions - Tab 2 - UVM Cost Share Commitments

  1. Select the responsible Cost Share Department for each item of cost share shown on Tab 1
  2. Describe each item of cost share. For example, "John Smith salary cap cost share at 20%"
  3. Make sure the total equals the total on Tab 1 UVM Cost Share Commitments section

Instructions - Tab 2 - Allocation of F&A Recovery

Customary Allocation of F&A Recovery will be 100% to the Proposal Department, unless this is a Multiple Principal Investigator proposal or unless a Deviation has been approved. Customary Allocation of F&A recovery is described on the SPA web and is based on relative effort of all Principal Investigators. Visit SPA "Incentive Based Budgeting (IBB): Research and Indirect Cost Recovery Algorithm" for guidance.

  1. If the proposal IS NOT a Multiple PI Proposal, enter 100% for the Proposal Department.
  2. If the proposal IS a Multiple PI Proposal, enter names of all Principal Investigators and Co-Principal Investigators. Add more lines if necessary
  3. Select the Allocation Department for each Principal Investigator
  4. Enter the total effort % for each year of the project
  5. The Total Allocation % should reflect the relative effort of all Principal Investigators across all years of the project
  6. If all the Deans involved wish to deviate from the customary allocation, they can do so in the red box to the right


Once the SPA Budget Worksheet is completed and finalized, the Sponsored Project Administration will convert the form from an excel document to a pdf document and will upload it to the Internal Documents Tab in InfoEd, where it will be available to Chairs and Deans in the route.