All proposals must be “Routed” to Chairs and Deans of involved personnel for approval before SPA can provide the final approval for submission to the sponsor.

Once all the proposal documents are uploaded into InfoEd, the Principal Investigator can start the route.  Here are the steps:

  1. Login to InfoEd
  2. Click Proposals Tab > Search For > Type in Proposal Number XXXXX or XXXXX-XX> Click Locate Button
  3. Your proposal will appear on page
  4. Take your mouse and hover over yellow folder and then click PD Edit (not PD view)
  5. Make sure that all Tabs are Completed. When completed, the Tabs should have a blue check mark on the Tab.
  6. Click Finalize Tab
  7. Notice the list of documents on the middle of the page
  8. Above that, there is a smallish button "Submit Final Review" with a thumb
  9. Click the Thumb's Up button
  10. You will be prompted to accept the Principal Investigator Certification. Click "accepted" and then enter your UVM Net ID
  11. Then click continue.
  12. After a slight pause, a list of approvers will appear
  13. Just to the right of the list is a SUBMIT button. Click Submit button.
  14. A new window will open on your screen called “Routing Progress.” The appearance of this screen indicates you have successfully started the route.
  15. You may now logout of InfoEd.
  16. To monitor the route, open the PD Proposal > Finalize Tab > Routing Progress Box – Open box to view progress of the route.