SMARTS (SPIN Matching and Research Transmittal Service) provides a daily alert to InfoEd users wishing to recieve targeted funding notifications from the SPIN database of Funding Opportunities.

To use this service the user must be a UVM employee and have a validated InfoEd profile. Users may access their profile with their UVM Net ID and password by following the instructions below.

  • Login to InfoEd with your UVM Net ID and password
  • Click My Profile
  • Click SMARTS

This will open up your SMARTS profile categories starting with Preferences which appear in the middle of the screen. From here, you may choose criteria in any/all of the 7 categories listed. To make selections under each category, click on the corresponding blue hyperlink listed on the right hand side of the screen. See below for helpful tips on each category.

Preferences (related to getting SMARTS hits)

There are 4 questions you should answer regarding your profile as it relates to SMARTS.

  1. The first question is an opportunity for you to turn on and off your SMARTS service.
  2. For the second question you might decide to get your hits in one hit per e-mail so that you can conveniently save the ones you want and delete the rest.
  3. The third question allows you to specify sponsor type.
  4. For the fourth question you may want to choose summary format which will allow you to quickly look at it to determine whether or not you want to look further into the full format view, for which there will be a link.

SAVE your selections by clicking the save icon in the upper right side of the screen.

Keywords (your interests and areas of expertise)

Keyword Major Topic Areas are listed as blue hyperlinks on the top half of the screen. Functionality is as follows:

  • Choose a Major Keyword Topic by clicking the blue word (do NOT put a check in the box unless you want to include every keyword under that topic) Keywords associated with that topic will appear in the black keyword selection box on the bottom half of the screen. Scrolling through these keywords, hold down control key continuously while using the mouse to highlight selections.
  • You may choose keywords from more than one Major Topic Area, but always remember to click Select before going into a new Major Topic Area to save your current selections.
  • Search for a term by typing in a keyword in the box called Search; hit the GO button. If it is in the online thesaurus it will appear in the keyword selection box. You can then highlight and select it.
  • Most likely you will be interested in selecting some but not all of the keywords that fall under a major topic; if this is the case, select Exact matches not Hierarchical at the top of the screen.

Applicant Types (your qualifications)

  • Select the ones that describe who you are as an individual:. Be sure to select an Individual, Non-Specific.
  • Select all other appropriate types (whatever applies, Graduate Student, Faculty, etc.)
  • You do not need to select Institutional Applicant Types. These have been pre-selected and will be automatically generated.
  • SAVE your selections by clicking the  save icon in the upper right hand side of the screen.
  • Note: Control Key Functionality
  • If you happen to lift off the control key and then select another keyword without pressing the Control Key again, you will lose all your previous selections. To go back and deselect any keywords the control key must also be depressed.

Award Types (the type of activities for which you seek funding)

Click on the word All so that the black box at the bottom of the screen opens up with the award type choices. Once you've highlighted your selections and Added them by clicking the ADD button (yellow plus sign) on the right side of the screen they will then appear listed below that box in the bottom half of the screen. To remove any, click the little blue arrow after checking the box next to the award type you wish to remove.

Note: Making no selections will include them all into your search criteria.

Geographical Restrictions (where UVM is located)

Scroll down the available choices listed in the box holding down the control key and highlight the following four selections: NO RESTRICTIONS; "U.S. NEW ENGLAND"; "U.S. NORTHEAST" and "VERMONT". Click the ADD button (yellow plus sign) on the right side of the screen. Your selections will appear at the bottom of the screen. To remove any, check the box next to the selection and click the little blue arrow.

Note: This will ensure that you receive programs for which you are eligible based on your location as an applicant. This will weed out those opportunities that require the applicant to be from another part of the country.

Sponsor Types

If you wish to restrict your matches to only certain types of Sponsors you may select those choices here by clicking the appropriate check box. Otherwise, if you wish to receive matches from any of these types of Sponsors leave everything unchecked and everything will be sent to you. Save your selections

Locations Tenable (where you will do the work)

Always select Any/No Restrictions. If do not wish to leave the U.S., choose U.S.A. Institutions. Otherwise choose any other countries in which you would be willing or want to work.


The last important category is your citizenship. In order to select this criterion you need to leave the SMARTS section of your profile and go into the "Edit" section of your profile (upper left menu). Most likely, you will see the little business card with your name, title and contact information. If the little lock with the word "change" appears, click it to open up more fields (some profiles will already have the business card open and won't see the word change). Once the business card is open the citizenship field is located slightly below and to the right side of the screen, in the section called Other Profile Data. Make your selection in the two fields for citizenship. Save it (upper right hand side). Click on the word Check in on the top business card card and you're done! Exit (top left hand side). Your SMARTS service begins the next day. Searches will only return alerts on opportunites that were added to or updated in the SPIN database that day and that match your search criteria.