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What is a Limited Competition (LC)?

Some funding agencies restrict the number of proposals an institution may submit to a particular funding program (i.e., X proposals allowed for the entire university). These opportunities are referred to as limited submission opportunities. These programs require the institution to hold an internal competition to determine which proposal(s) will be submitted.

How it works

Review the limited competition and confirm your eligibility.
Please review the opportunity carefully and ensure that you meet all the required criteria.

Submit a brief internal letter of intent (LOI).

Letters of intent help streamline the competition process. Depending on application deadlines, there are generally two weeks between the announcement of a new LC and when the internal LOI is due. The letter of intent is due by 5 pm on the date of UVM deadline. If the number of LOIs received does NOT exceed the institutional limit, the applicant(s) will be notified that they are able to proceed as soon as possible.

Letter of Intent

If the number of LOIs received exceeds the institutional limit for a given competition, Research Development will subsequently solicit pre-proposals from applicants and host an internal competition in which pre-proposals will be reviewed by UVM faculty, including, but not limited to: Deans or Associate Deans for Research, members of the OVPR Research Advisory Committee, or other UVM faculty with expertise in related disciplines. The selected applicant(s) will be informed that they are able to proceed with a full application to the funding agency; declined applicants will also be notified. Research Development will notify Sponsored Projects Administration of the name of the applicant(s) who are selected as the institutional applicant(s).

If a limited competition moves into a pre-proposal stage, it will be made available on InfoReady, the Monday or Tuesday following the internal LOI deadline.

Active limited competitions can be found on the UVM InfoReady Review Portal.

Active Limited Competitions

Please follow the link below to view limited competitions that are currently soliciting letters of intent:

Limited Competitions Soliciting LOIs

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