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Operating Philosophy and Guiding Principles

As the foundation for an expert, efficient and responsive office, SPA's operating philosophy and guiding principles embody the values which guide every staff member each day.  We seek to provide excellent service to the research community at UVM...

... by responding promptly to your questions, listening carefully to the concerns you bring to us, keeping abreast of evolving policies and regulations, continually upgrading our technical skills and taking the initiative in resolving challenges. Competence, flexibility, cooperation and mutual respect form the core of our working practices."

The employees of SPA share a proud history at UVM.  We support the University’s vision of being among the nation’s premier small research universities.  SPA is an integrated unit providing support for our principal investigators and other stakeholders.  We are trusted, expert and skilled partners in the University’s sponsored research enterprise and other sponsored activities. 

Professional satisfaction is high; operations are well-coordinated, efficient and focused; applications and awards are increasing; invoices and financial reports are proficiently prepared resulting in increased cash-flow.  An integrated approach to the complete grant life-cycle results in better communication, reduced redundancies and higher capacity to support the University’s research vision. We are adaptable to change and feel empowered to initiate it.  As a result, principal investigators and their staff are able to focus more on research.

The close working relationships between faculty and staff has long been a hallmark of the UVM workplace and one of its key strengths.  The small size of the university and the long term nature of employment serve to foster that personal connection.  Our continued and future success is based on those personal connections as we seek to continually enhance the working relationships and cooperation among our staff and all those we serve.

We will accomplish this through adherence to the following Guiding Principles:

Trusted Team

  • We are responsible for our actions.
  • We resolve conflicts cooperatively, openly and with honesty.
  • We foster an environment of mutual trust and respect.
  • Our integrated unit is a united team.
  • We know when we are meeting expectations, when we are not and what we must do to close the gap.
  • We actively approach each other with questions, issues or ideas.

Expert Skilled Partners

  • Information is communicated promptly and accurately.
  • We are proficient users of the technologies available to us.
  • We are committed to foster the value of learning.
  • Professional and technical training is provided to all employees to ensure we are able to excel at our jobs.
  • Errors are opportunities from which to learn and develop.
  • Accomplishments and successes are recognized and celebrated.

Customer Service

  • We provide excellent customer service from the beginning of the grant life cycle to the end.
  • Our workloads will be continually evaluated to ensure they are evenly distributed.
  • We take initiative to support our team members.
  • We will develop and maintain respectful relationships to effectively serve our customers.
  • We promote an open door policy.

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