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Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas
video of an exhibit by Dan Higgins at the FLYNNDOG gallery, Burlingon, Jan-Feb 2016

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Burlington & Bilwi (Puerto Cabezas):

Sister Cites since 1984

    mission statement

     The Burlington/ Puerto Cabezas Sister City Program was founded in 1984 to promote understanding between the people of Vermont and the people of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. The forms that relationship have taken have been varied, and have followed the differing strengths and interests of individual participants, both Vermonters and Nicaraguans.
     Past Sister City projects have included material aid, the creation of a tree nursery, cultural and educational exchanges, and establishment of community video projects. Because of the unique character of Vermont and of Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast, projects have prioritized issues of economic self-sufficiency, autonomy, indigenous rights, and community empowerment.
    The main strength of the program, however, has been and continues to be facilitation of people-to-people connections.

Johnson College delegation 2010Alcalde at Interale  
 Johnson College Delegation 2010                   Bilwi Alcaldia Delegation 2016

the sister city program has been connecting residents of Burlington with their counterparts in Bilwi for over 30 years...
view 54-minute sister city history video on-line