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In the fall SGA elects first years to the Senate. In the spring, SGA elects a new Senate, VP and President. Read on to learn more.

First-Year Election Candidates (2015-2016)

Skylar Clark

Hello my name Skylar Clark and I am running for the Student Government Senate because I not only want to create the best and most memorable four years of my life but for all my fellow classmates and peers. I want my graduating class having no regrets about what they wish they did and be able to have the resources and the support to create amazing experiences for themselves. I would like to create the most positive, fun, and safe environment for all those here at UVM.

The characteristics that make me a strong student leader is my determination and my positive outlook on life. I would describe myself as a caretaker and one who will go to the full extent to make sure everyone is happy. Also I am a very hard worker and enjoy a good challenge.

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Will Corcoran

I am running for a senate position in student government because I believe I can better the program by being a voice for the students here at UVM. I will give a unique perspective, and I am motivated to improve the school's environment for all its students. Since I have a disability (Cystic Fibrosis & a Liver transplant) I am familiar with the ACCESS office. I feel that this experience allows me to be a good resource for students who need assistance in that respect, and I want to work toward getting rid of any stigma against both mental and physical illness. One idea that I feel would really improve student life is the application of a system of free reusable water bottles, which would allow the students the chance to better the environment while staying hydrated. These could be donated by local businesses, giving them the opportunity to advertise at a local institution. Also, in place of vending machines, which generate plastic bottle waste, we can have Coca Cola ‘freestyle’ machines that have a larger variety of drinks to offer students. This allows for more drink choices for less money due to the lack of plastic, and it will benefit the environment by eliminating plastic waste and offering students more opportunity to use their reusable bottles.

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Christopher Kruglik

Peace, love, and happiness can solve all problems I was once told when I was younger. Now, I know that SGA is not the Peace Corps, but I strongly believe that in order to have a unified school that is able to thrive off of student activities and organizations, there must be peace, love, and as equally importantly, happiness. My inspiration to run for an SGA position came directly from the students here at UVM. The reason why we are here at UVM is because we are unique and valued intellects that not only want to change the world with their education, but plan on changing the world.

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Maeve McDermott

I am running for SGA Senate because I believe our student body is made stronger through an active and responsive student government association. I want to be a champion of UVM’s diverse student body. Working together, our class can bring about positive changes that propel us forward, not only as a student body, but as a society. I am especially passionate about being a part of a team that enables the class of 2019 to give back to the community, whether that community is on campus, in town, or wherever we call home. We can best accomplish this by pooling all of the resources that UVM has to offer, including the many formal and informal groups and organizations in which our students ‚€“ in-state and out-of-state ‚€“ invest their time and energy.

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Anne Mullin

I am running for SGA Senate because I am passionate about UVM. I believe that I could help manage the student clubs, encourage new ones, and help the new clubs acquire funding to become successful. Although I don’t have any experience with college student government, I am excited to learn and grow with the student government here.

I feel that I am extremely organized and on top of things which would enable me to control any problems or ideas that clubs have. I am very approachable and love meeting new people and making connections. I have a strong set of communication skills which would allow me to stay in contact with all of the different people and clubs I will be encountering.

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Simon Pavlow

I am running for the SGA Senate not only to become a key member but also to help nurture its ongoing evolution of improvements to the UVM student experience. I am looking for a leadership role that will enable my core goals of becoming a creative, persuasive, and responsive student. I have broad experience carried over from 4 years of leadership in High School, where I enjoyed duties as VP of the Key Club, Commissioner of Link Crew, and VP of the Ski & Snowboard club. I have a passion for working on behalf of the group as a whole, and enjoy achieving the goals of those who voted me into office. Particular issues I would like to immediately confront include increasing the monetary value of the meal-points system the university has in place, as well as keeping dining halls such as cook open for dinner and on Sundays. By doing so, students who live on campuses far away from the other dining halls would have the same opportunities as others. If elected, I will be the Student Body's voice, and make it my mission to nurture potential and ongoing improvements to UVM.

Alexander Weingert

My name is Alexander Weingart, and I'm running to represent YOU, on the SGA senate. Help me do what I love‚€¶and that’s serving you all, because together, we have the potential to be the best class to ever graduate from UVM. You’re probably reading this wondering, “What makes this guy qualified to lead our class?" Well, I'll lay it out for you.

To start, I'm persistent, hold my ground, and advocate for my friends, all of YOU reading this. When I set out to do something, I give it my all. I will not let you down.

We are a team, the Catamounts, and a team needs a well-versed leader, NOT a dictator. That is why I am devoted to listening to your ideas, desires, and aspirations, (through call, text, email, or face-to-face interactions), while using my enthusiasm and leadership expertise to help guide and organize a motivated class council, opening up the door of endless possibility. I have a track record of getting the job done, quickly and efficiently, while exceeding all expectations. I am the right person for the job, with all the passion and integrity in the world to lead the Class of 2019 in our first school year here at UVM. Lets make the most of it.

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