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Senator Elections for 2017-2018

2017-2018 Senator Elections Timeline

Friday, March 31th: Election packets are available to sign out of the SGA Office on the 3rd floor of the Davis Center.  As soon as you sign an election waiver, you are officially considered a candidate and may begin campaigning.

Friday, April 7th: Completed Election petitions are due to the SGA office by 4:30pm. Platforms and pictures must be emailed to by 4:30pm.

Friday, April 7thth: Mandatory Election meeting for all candidates at 4:30pm in the SGA Office. This meeting will be used to review campaigning and election expectations.  If you cannot make this meeting, you must email the Elections Committee Chair, David Brandt at to set up an alternative time to meet within 72 hours.

Wednesday and Thursday April 12th-13th: Elections take place. The election will be available online at the Lynx from 8:00am April 12th until 4:00pm on April 13th. Final receipts for your campaign materials must be turned in to the SGA offices by 4:00pm on April 13th.

Friday, April 14th: All campaign materials must be removed by 4:00pm.

Tuesday April 18th: New Senators will be sworn into office.

Past P/VP Election Results

2017-2018 President Results2017-2018 Vice-President Results
Christopher Petrillo- 971 votesNicole Woodcock- 1244 votes
Niko (Kaihan Wu)- 357 votes

2016-2017 President Results2016-2017 Vice-President Results
Jason Maulucci- 257 votesTyler Davis- 259 votes

2015-2016 President Results2015-2016 Vice-President Results
Jason Maulucci- 670 votesTyler Davis- 754 votes
Caroline DeCunzo- 542 votesSam Ghazey- 597 votes
Khalil Lee- 221votesJonathan Cares- 189 votes
Dylan Letendre- 151 votes

2014-2015 President Results2014-2015 Vice-President Results
Aya AL-Namee- 783 votesAndrew Bowen- 1529 votes
Ty Williams- 676 votes
Khalil Lee- 398 votes

2013-2012 President Results2013-2012 Vice-President Results
Connor Daley- 615 votesJack Birmingham- 417 votes
Aya AL-Namee- 371 votes

2012-2013 President Results2012-2013 Vice-President Results
Connor Daley- 710 votesSamantha Holland- 496 votes
Michael White- 409 votesThomas Campbell- 470 votes
Gavin Caster- 170 votesConnor Burns- 376 votes
Ali Sadeghi- 155 votes

2011-2012 President Results2011-2012 Vice-President Results
Julian Golfarini- 699 votesWilliam Vitagliano- 1143 votes
Aliza Lederer-Plaskett- 677votes

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