Request for Proposals: First Announcement

First Announcement: Request for Proposals

Full RFP Available: August 27, 2018

Letters of Intent Due: September 21, 2018

Proposal Deadline: October 15, 2018

Award Period: February 1, 2019 — January 31, 2021

Lake Champlain Sea Grant requests proposals to fund research in the Lake Champlain basin that is directly relevant to the goals of the LCSG Strategic Plan (2018-2021). An estimated $500,000 will be available to support 3-5 research projects over a two-year funding period. Researchers may request up to $75,000 in federal Sea Grant funds for one-year projects or $150,000 total for two-year projects, to cover direct and indirect costs. Federal support must be matched with non-federal funds at the rate of $1 in non-federal matching funds for every $2 requested of federal Sea Grant funds (i.e., a 50% match). Successful proposals will have a start date of February 1, 2019. Researchers at institutions of higher education and organizations or agencies that conduct research in the Lake Champlain basin (New York and Vermont) are eligible to respond to this RFP.

Research Priorities

Proposals should be relevant to at least one of the Lake Champlain Sea Grant focus areas (see below). Applicants should thoroughly review the strategic plan for detailed guidance. 

Resilient Communities and Economies

Goal 1: Water resources are sustained and protected to meet emerging needs of the communities, economies, and ecosystems of the Lake Champlain basin.

Goal 2: Coastal communities and economies are resilient to changing environmental conditions.

Environmental Literacy and Workforce Development

Goal 3: An environmentally literate, engaged and diverse public is informed by lifelong formal and informal opportunities and implements innovative solutions to improve community well-being in the face of a changing Lake Champlain basin.

Goal 4: A diverse and skilled workforce is engaged and enabled to address critical local, regional, and national needs.

Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

Goal 5: Habitat, ecosystems, and the services they provide are protected, enhanced, and/or restored.

Goal 6: Land, water, and living resources are managed by applying sound science, tools, and services to sustain ecosystems.

Outreach Plan

Research proposals should include a clear outreach plan for disseminating information to targeted audiences. The plan should describe how the proposed research will link to policy and/or management decisions and how the results of the study will be translated for end-users outside of direct scientific peers. Investigators are encouraged to contact Lake Champlain Sea Grant staff to develop an outreach plan prior to submission.

A 1-2 page letter of intent consisting of a title, a short project description and an estimated budget is required. For your LOI, the estimated budget does not need to be endorsed by your office of grants and contracts. However, a high-level summary of personnel, travel, operating, participant,equipment, and overhead costs would be helpful. To submit a full proposal, a letter of intent must be received by September 21, 2018. 

A full RFP announcement will be made available August 27, 2018 with explicit application instructions, budget forms, and data management requirements. Please contact Elissa Schuett ( with any questions. Proposals will be due October 15, 2018.