Outreach & Education

LCSG water resources outreach and education programs engage and educate students, teachers, residents, policy-makers and resource managers about watershed science, water quality, aquatic resources, land use planning, sustainable development and hazard resiliency.

For most people involved with watershed, water quality and lake resources management in the basin, LCSG serves as a critical source of information. We interact, on a daily basis, with basin residents, community leaders and agency staff. Outreach and extension supports a two-way flow of information. LCSG extension specialists identify gaps in the knowledge needed to sustainably manage lake and basin resources. We then gather information and provide tools, training and the results of applied research to bridge these gaps.

Because we work closely with national, Great Lakes and local researchers, LCSG outreach also informs the research community of priority information needs, helping to guide research to solve pressing problems in the basin.

Place-based education programs weave together classroom instruction, stream monitoring and community service. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every student in the basin is aware of the importance of water resources, the problems facing basin residents, their causes and potential solutions. Reaching this goal will require that water resources education is part of the curriculum of every school in the Lake Champlain basin. We can prepare students to use their knowledge to promote personal and community responsibility for pollution prevention, water quality protection and aquatic resources stewardship - today and in the future.