Image of the Responsibility bench outside the Davis Center

Our Collective Obligation

We understand that participating with the campus community is going to continue to look different for a while. We are nothing but appreciative of all the sacrifices you are willing to make that will allow us to live and learn together as we stay committed to keeping outbreak numbers in Vermont as low as possible. Thanks to high vaccination rates within the state of Vermont and your commitment to maintaining a healthy campus, expectations should feel much less restrictive as compared to the 2020-21 academic year, but are no less critical.

The Green and Gold Promise that had been implemented throughout the 2020-21 academic year is no longer in effect. Any student who was placed on a probationary status with the Center for Student Conduct as a result of violations specific to the Green and Gold Promise is no longer on probation.

Please understand that conduct probation is separate and differs from academic probation. Please consult with the Student Services staff within your college to discuss the terms and conditions of any academic probation.


Behaviors of Concern

The below information is offered to help students understand how issues of public health intersect with the Code of Student Conduct.

Expectations for Masks
All members of the UVM community, vaccinated or not, are expected to comply with facial covering guidance issued by UVM Forward. If you are reminded by any staff member or other community member to reapply your mask, the expectation is that you do so without hesitation and without argument. 

The Code of Student Conduct [PDF]  outlines policies that potentially relate to behavior that ignores or argues with such requests. Most notably:

c. Public Order/University Order Offenses:

  1. Creating a fire, safety, or health hazard.
  2. Impeding or obstructing an investigation, or failing to identify oneself or to comply with the directions of University officials, their authorized agents, or local police agencies acting in the performance and scope of their duties.
  • A first offense for failing to apply a mask when asked will result in a conduct hearing. If found responsible, the sanction will include an educational reflection.
  • If found responsible for a second offense, sanctions will include additional educational reflection, a $100 fine, and probationary status for the remainder of your tenure at UVM.
  • Students found responsible for a third violation will be reviewed for suspension. 

Additionally, behavior that directly impacts the health or safety of another person (e.g. deliberate coughing or spitting in the direction of another) will likely result in more severe charges within the Code:

2. Prohibited Acts

a. Offenses Against Persons: Any conduct or action that causes physical harm or endangers the health or safety of any person; or places another person in reasonable apprehension of physical harm or danger to their health or safety or to the health or safety of another, including through written or verbal conduct or implied threats.

  • If found responsible for an egregious violation, students will be reviewed for suspension.

Missed Test Violations
Students who have received an exemption from the vaccination requirement, or who have not yet achieved full vaccination status (e.g. are 14 days past final dose), are required to complete a COVID test every seven days. Students who miss a required test will be referred to the Center for Student Conduct for sanctions.  In the interest of continued health and safety, UVM has adopted temporary administrative procedures to address alleged violations of the University’s COVID testing protocols on an expedited basis.  Specifically, initial testing violations will be administratively addressed by the Center for Student Conduct, without a hearing. An appeal right will be provided, regardless of the sanction imposed, and will be specified in writing by the Center for Student Conduct.

  1. A first missed test will result in a letter of warning and notice to test at the UVM COVID Information and Service Center within two business days from the Center for Student Conduct. Failure to comply with the notice to test will result in a fine of $100. If you complete the missed test as outlined, you will not be fined.
  2. Students missing a second test will be scheduled for a conduct hearing and, if found responsible, will be subject to a $250 fine or other sanctions deemed appropriate by the Center for Student Conduct. Additionally, students will be expected to complete a make-up test at the UVM COVID Information and Service Center within two business days after being notified of the issue by the Center for Student Conduct. Failure to do so may be considered a third missed test.
  3. Students missing a third test will be reviewed for suspension for the remainder of the semester.

Falsification of Vaccination Records
Any student found to have submitted a forged proof of vaccination will be reviewed for immediate suspension or dismissal. In addition to the above listed violations, the following policy will also be relevant:

c. Public Order/University Order Offenses:
5. Conveying information that the student knows or should know to be false, by actions such as lying or being dishonest, forging, altering, or causing any false information to be entered into University record or to be presented at a University proceeding or to a University Official.