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Taylor Ricketts Lab

Welcome to Taylor Ricketts' Lab

We integrate natural and social sciences to address fundamental research questions and real-world conservation problems.

We ask: How does land management affect biodiversity and ecosystem services? How can conservation protect biodiversity and improve human well-being? How do we meet the needs of people and biodiversity in an increasingly crowded world?

To find answers, we collaborate widely, use field experiments, meta-analyses and geo-spatial models, and team up with NGO scientists at the front lines of conservation. We publish our work in peer-reviewed articles and produce practical tools to help guide conservation decisions.

We work in collaboration with Fellows and students of UVM's Gund Institute, so check there for additional information and opportunities to get involved.

  • Blueberry harvest

  • Leif Richardson

  • Keri Watson

  • Laura Sonter

  • Charlie Nicholson

  • Insu Koh

  • Leif in the field

  • Insu's big ideas

  • Taylor in the field

  • Charlie and crew

  • Field experiments

  • Keri presenting