Rubenstein School faculty and students design ecological systems that use ecological principles and natural organisms to treat wastes, manage storm water run-off, and restore damaged ecosystems. They study ways to promote sustainable community development and problem-solving through holistic landscape and building design and planning.

Faculty Research Programs

Gary Hawley

Students and faculty build the Aiken Center green roof

High performance green buildings; green roofs and stormwater management

Gary’s research interests range from forest ecosystem health (in partnership with faculty member Paul Schaberg) to green building and green roof design, development, and demonstration. On the green building front, Gary's primary project is the Rubenstein School's Aiken Center green roof. With his colleagues and students, he studies and measures how four different roof treatments – including no plant cover, native plants, traditional green roof plants, and a different soil with traditional plants – absorb stormwater and pollutants. For more information, view a YouTube video on the Aiken Center green roof.

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Eric Roy

Eric Roy and ecomachine

Nutrient biogeochemistry and management, ecological engineering and design, aquatic ecology, food systems, material flow analysis

Eric integrates techniques from engineering and ecology to study water quality, food systems, and eco-technology. Much of this work focuses on the dynamics of phosphorus and nitrogen.

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