Student intern with Williston VT conservation commission member in woods

Eager, professional and skilled Rubenstein School students working with organizations and companies finding solutions for critical environmental issues. Could there be a better match?


The Perennial Summer Internship Program at the Rubenstein School strives to provide valuable internship opportunities for you, Rubenstein School students, and to build and strengthen relationships with environmental companies, organizations and agencies working on critical issues. This is a competitive internship program and these 12-week, paid, credit-bearing internships range from part-time to full-time. Many of the Perennial Internships are located in Vermont, while others may be located in New Hampshire, New York, and Washington, DC. Rubenstein School students currently in their sophomore and junior years are eligible to apply for Perennial Internships. Students graduating in May 2020 are not eligible to apply for Perennial Internships.

2020 Application Instructions

It's great that you're interested in applying for a Rubenstein Perennial Summer Internship! Rubenstein School students who will have completed their sophomore or junior years by Summer 2020 are eligible to apply. Students graduating in May 2020 are not eligible to apply. Here are step by step instructions for how to apply.

  1. Click the following link to view the Rubenstein Perennial Internships in Handshake (
    1. If asked to log in: click "UVM Net ID Login" and login.
    2. Click the Favorite button to enable easier searches in the future.
  2. Click “View All Jobs” in Jobs at Rubenstein Perennial Internship Program box on right side of page.
  3. You should now see the great Perennial Internship opportunities! Click “View Details” to learn more about each position.
    1. Please do take the time to read through each individual description so that you don’t miss a great opportunity by judging an internship solely on its title.
    2. You may apply for up to three Perennial Internships.
    3. All applications are due by midnight, Wednesday, January 29, 2020.
  4. You’ll need to upload all required documents in Handshake in order to apply for any Perennial Internship:
    1. Click on your name at top right of screen in Handshake.
    2. Select Documents.
  5. Please upload documents as pdfs. The following are required documents:
    1. Resume
    2. Cover Letter - You should write & upload unique cover letters for each position to which you’re applying.
    3. Transcript - Login to your My UVM portal, click on the Registrar link, click Request Official Transcript by email. Once received, save it as a pdf and upload.
    4. Other Required Documents - Reference(s) & Position Ranking - in one document, please include & upload:
      • Reference(s) – Provide name & contact information for at least one professional reference. This could be someone who supervised you in a past work/internship/volunteer position, a professor or teacher, etc. This person listed should not be the person also completing your recommendation form.
      • Position Ranking - If you are applying for more than one Perennial Internship, provide a list of the positions in rank order.
  6. In addition to the documents listed, a recommendation form will need to be completed by a Rubenstein faculty, graduate student or staff member of your choosing. When you ask your recommender if they are willing to complete the form to support your application, please provide your recommender this link to the recommendation form.
    1. Only one recommendation form needs to be completed regardless of how many Perennial Internships you’re applying for.
    2. Your recommender will complete & submit this form online and then your recommendation will be confidentially added to your application(s). This recommendation form needs to be completed by the January 29 deadline.
  7. Make sure that your resume and cover letter(s) are as strong as they can be! Utilize the resources around you:
    1. The Rubenstein Stewards are great at reviewing resumes/cover letters and providing helpful feedback – stop by Aiken 111.
    2. Stop by the Food, Environment & Sustainability Career Interest Group. Drop In Hours in the Career Center (204 Davis Center): Tuesdays, 10:30am-12pm and Wednesdays, 1:30pm-3pm.
    3. Stop by Anna Smiles-Becker’s (Rubenstein Career Counselor & Internship Coordinator) office (Aiken 220G) to sign up for a resume/cover letter review appointment.
  8. A team of Rubenstein faculty and staff will be reviewing all submitted applications and forwarding materials onto each Perennial site. If you are selected to interview for a Perennial Internship, you will be contacted by the site to set up an interview during early-mid March.


2020 Perennial Internship Descriptions

Intern with mentor standing by town office sign

Interested in hosting an intern through the Perennial Internship Program?

Interested organizations and companies work closely with the Rubenstein School to design an internship that is robust, professional and beneficial to both the organization/ company and the intern.

Rubenstein School staff and faculty assist with application review and provide support to both the intern and supervisor throughout the internship.

The intern earns academic credit for the internship and is also paid through a cost-share agreement between the host organization/ company and the Rubenstein School.

Most internships are 12 weeks long and interns work 20 hours/week. There is flexibility in terms of the hours worked per week.

For more info, contact or call 802-656-3002.