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Name/Bio Research Interests Contact
Carol Adair Global climate change, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry email
Lisa Aultman-Hall Travel behavior, travel survey design, bicycle transportation, traffic safety, spatial analysis using GIS and GPS email
Paul Bierman Geology, geohydrology, erosion and human-landscape interaction email
William Bowden (Breck) Watershed science and management, arctic system science email
Lisa Chase Nature-based tourism, agritourism, community development, environmental conflict resolution email
Aimée Classen Global change, ecosystem ecology, plant-soil interactions email
Anthony D'Amato (Tony) Siliviculture, applied forest ecology email
Cecilia Danks Environmental policy, sustainable forestry, community forestry, climate change mitigation, forest carbon markets, woody biomass energy email
Luben Dimov Silviculture, forest ecology, sustainable forest management email
Therese Donovan (Terri) Landscape ecology, wildlife population modeling, adaptive management email
Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux Climate variability and change, climate education and literacy, climate hazards, drought, New England and Vermont email
Jon Erickson Ecological economics, sustainable development, systems modeling email
Joshua Farley Ecological economics, development economics, economic globalization email
Brendan Fisher Ecosystem services; ecological/environmental economics; natural resource management, poverty and human health; chicken photography; behavioral economics and sustainability email
Gillian Galford Environmental sustainability, ecosystems ecology, nitrogen and carbon cycling, greenhouse gases, remote sensing, ecosystems modeling, land-cover and land-use change, tropical agriculture email
Clare Ginger Environmental policy, watershed/forest planning, organization studies email
Rachelle Gould Cultural Ecosystem Services, environmental values, human well-being, environmental learning, human behavior, interdisciplinary research, policy, diversity, equity email
Jeffrey Hughes Forest ecology email
Adrian Ivakhiv Ecophilosophy, ecomedia, cultural studies, landscape and identity email
William Keeton (Bill) Forest ecology and dynamics; climate, forest carbon, and energy; sustainable forestry email
Matthew Kolan Ecological and holistic approaches to leadership, learning, and change; diversity, power, privilege; whole systems thinking; field ecology email
Walter Kuentzel Natural resource sociology, recreation and leisure behavior email
Nancy Mathews Wildlife ecology, conservation biology, endangered species management and policy, civic engagement and community engaged scholarship, institutional accreditation email
Ellen Marsden Fisheries, native fish restoration, aquatic exotic species email
Mindy Morales-Williams Biogeochemical nutrient cycling, algal and microbial ecology, and harmful phytoplankton blooms in freshwater and coastal systems email
James Murdoch (Jed) Wildlife ecology, conservation biology email
Bindu Panikkar Environmental health, community based research, environmental policy, natural resources, Arctic environment and health, environmental health social movements, environmental justice email
Donna Parrish Fisheries ecology email
Walter Poleman Landscape analysis, place-based education, land conservation, social-ecological systems science email
Jennifer Pontius Forest health, remote sensing, GIS modeling email
Taylor Ricketts Landscape ecology, conservation biology, ecological economics, ecosystem services, pollination, biodiversity email
Joe Roman Biodiversity and ecosystem services, biological invasions, marine population genetics, marine ecology email
Eric Roy Ecological engineering and design, biogeochemistry, water quality, food systems, sustainability science email
Nathan Sanders Global climate change ecology email
Paul Schaberg Tree physiology, air pollution ecology, climate change, species restoration email
Kristine Stepenuck Impacts of land use on water quality, citizen science and volunteer monitoring, understanding outcomes of monitoring and community outreach efforts email
Jason Stockwell Aquatic food web email
Patricia Stokowski Outdoor recreation, leisure and tourism sociology, natural resource planning email
Allan Strong Avian ecology, conservation biology, landscape ecology email
Brian Voigt Modeling, analyzing, quantifying land use change; ecosystem service assessment and valuation; quantitative spatial analysis email
Kimberly Wallin Forest ecosystem health, climate change, terrestrial food webs, entomology, invasive species, biodiversity email
Beverley Wemple Watershed science, forest-water interactions, mountain hydrology and geomorphology email