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Name/BioResearch InterestsContact
Carol AdairGlobal climate change, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistryemail
Paul BiermanGeology, geohydrology, erosion and human-landscape interaction, climate change, science education and communicationemail
Anthony D'Amato (Tony)Siliviculture, applied forest ecology, forest management, forest adaptationemail
Cecilia DanksEnvironmental policy, sustainable forestry, community forestry, climate change mitigation, forest carbon markets, woody biomass energyemail
Luben DimovSilviculture; forest diversity, productivity, and resilience; forest restoration; sustainable forest managementemail
Therese Donovan (Terri)Landscape ecology, wildlife population modeling, adaptive managementemail
Jon EricksonEcological economics, sustainable development, systems modelingemail
Joshua FarleyEcological economics, development economics, economic globalizationemail
Brendan FisherEcosystem services; ecological/environmental economics; natural resource management, poverty and human health; behavioral economics and sustainabilityemail
Gillian GalfordEnvironmental sustainability, ecosystems ecology, nitrogen and carbon cycling, greenhouse gases, remote sensing, ecosystems modeling, land-cover and land-use change, tropical agricultureemail
Clare GingerEnvironmental policy, watershed/forest planning, organization studiesemail
Rachelle GouldEnvironmental values, well-being, Cultural Ecosystem Services, environmental learning, human behavior, policy, diversity, equityemail
Mark HendersonFish population modeling, food web ecology, environmental DNA, acoustic telemetry, mark-recapture, fish ecologyemail
Adrian IvakhivEnvironmental thought, cultural theory, global cultural changeemail
Anne JeffersonWatershed hydrology and geomorphologyemail
William Keeton (Bill)Forest ecology and dynamics; climate, forest carbon, and energy; sustainable forestryemail
Matthew KolanEcological leadership and learning; power, privilege, and equity; social transformation and systems change; field ecology and animal trackingemail
Ellen MarsdenFisheries ecology, fish behavior, aquatic invasive speciesemail
Ana Morales-Williams (Mindy)Limnology, phytoplankton ecology, biogeochemistry, carbon cycling, lake ecosystem ecologyemail
Brittany MosherDisease and population ecology, quantitative ecology, conservation decision-making, herpetology, conservation biologyemail
James Murdoch (Jed)Wildlife ecology, conservation biologyemail
Bindu PanikkarEnvironmental health, community based research, environmental policy, natural resources, Arctic environment and health, environmental health social movements, environmental justiceemail
Julia PerdrialEnvironmental geochemistry, low temperature (bio)-geochemical processes, carbon dynamics, dissolved organic matter chemistry, hydrology and biochemistry, mineral alteration and weathering, clay mineralogyemail
Nicolas PerdrialEnvironmental mineralogy, environmental geochemistry, molecular spectroscopy, electron microscopy, soil science, planetologyemail
Walter PolemanLandscape analysis, place-based education, land conservation, social-ecological systems scienceemail
Taylor RickettsCommunity & landscape ecology, ecosystem services, ecological economics, conservation biology, environmental policy, pollination ecology, biogeography, linking research & conservation communitiesemail
Mariano Rodriguez-CabalCommunity ecology, global change ecology, invasive species, plant-animal interactionsemail
Eric RoyNutrient biogeochemistry & management, ecological engineering & design, aquatic ecology, food systems, material flow analysisemail
Kristine StepenuckWatershed science, impacts of land use on water quality, community science, community engagementemail
Jason StockwellAquatic ecology, food web dynamics, predator-prey interactions email
Patricia StokowskiOutdoor recreation behavior, parks, community tourism development, sense of placeemail
Allan StrongAvian ecology, conservation biology, landscape ecologyemail
Beverley WempleWatershed science, forest-water interactions, mountain hydrology and geomorphologyemail