Graduate students on steps of City Hall

The Rubenstein Graduate Student Association (RGSA) is an association of and for graduate students of the Rubenstein School. In April of 2012, the Rubenstein School graduate student body established the RGSA to replace the previous RSENR Graduate Student Advisory Board.

All graduate students enrolled in RSENR are members of the RGSA; no dues are charged to students. The RGSA is a graduate student organization that is recognized by the UVM Graduate Student Senate (GSS). Incoming students will receive information provided by RGSA in their acceptance package and will learn about the RGSA during orientation.

RGSA Overview

The goals of the RGSA are: to promote the interests and welfare of RSENR graduate students; to serve as a commons for all RSENR graduate students to provide input on RSENR policy, curriculum, and operation; to serve as a conduit of information relevant to graduate education in RSENR and UVM; to promote an intellectual and social community of graduate education; and to sponsor opportunities for academic and professional development among its members.

View the RGSA Constitution (PDF)

From the RSENR graduate student body, five officers will be elected each spring to serve on the Executive Committee for the following academic year. The Executive Committee will hold graduate student body-wide meetings at least once per semester, and regular meetings of the Executive Committee are open to all Rubenstein School graduate students as well.

Meetings are held the second and fourth Thursdays of the month from 4:30 to 6:00pm. Location to be announced.

Other duties of the Executive Committee include maintaining graduate student facilities in the Aiken Center, including computers and printers.

RGSA Events

The RGSA Executive Committee manages a mini-grant program each semester to support RSENR graduate student research and organizes the RSENR Seminar Series each fall semester.  The Association also facilitates a mentoring program to connect graduate and undergraduate students.

Every month, the RGSA hosts a get-together at a local Burlington establishment. Generally this entails free food and catching up with RSENR graduate students and faculty members. Watch for emails about upcoming locations!

2020-21 RGSA Officers

Hanusia Higgins, President
MS Natural Resources

Jes Wikle, Vice President (Aiken Chair)
PhD Natural Resources

Kenna Rewcastle, Treasurer
PhD Natural Resources

Kate Warner, Communications Chair
PhD Natural Resources

Elizabeth (EJ) Jamison, Social Chair
MS Natural Resources