Artistic mastermind; show designer, scriptwriter, lyricist, choreographer, performer

Kanani Enos, South Kona kumu hula, singer, song-writer, and musician has devoted over 25 years to preserving Hawaiian culture, music, and dance. Through her community work at home and travels abroad sharing hula and music, she carries the true essence of her ancestors and their foundational values. As a recording artist, she released her debut album Aloha I Ho'okena in October 2013. Currently launching her worldwide tour, go to her facebook page to check out her latest cultural and musical sharings.

Producer, Scriptwriter

Shane Akoni Nelson works with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the State of Hawaii. Outside of work, Akoni is dedicated to empowerment of the Hawaiian people. He is particularly dedicated to the South Kona area of the Big Island. He has extensive experience as a producer of shows of various types, most of them involving community-building.

Researcher, Production Team Leader

Rachelle Gould cannot get enough of thinking about the relationship between people and 'nature.' A second passion is strengthening the link between academia and, well, the rest of the world. The results conveyed in Pono Me Ka Aina were a big part of her dissertation, which as based on work in Kona, Hawai'i. Her dissertation investigated reforestation and 'cultural ecosystem services,' or nonmaterial benefits people receive from nature. Rachelle is currently a post-doctoral scholar with Nicole Ardoin; this work focusing on understanding how people learn about the environment and what motivates them (or doesn't) to act sustainably. You can find her on twitter (@rachelle_gould).

Research & Production Team

Research Assistant, Production Team Member

Anna Doty is dedicated to building ecological resilience in the most important human environments —-those we call home. Anna’s passion for participatory science and an inclusive ‘environmentalism’ has led her to research the human–environmental connection in environments as diverse as the townships of Cape Town, the forests of Hawaii, and the streets of Oakland. In 2012, Anna graduated from Stanford with a B.S. in Earth Systems, focusing on political ecology, ecosystem services, and environmental markets. Since graduation, Anna has worked at the Environmental Defense Fund as a researcher and policy advocate for California’s landmark climate and clean energy policies. You can find her on twitter (@DeeperEcology) or contact her at

Research Assistant, Production Team Member

Theo Gibbs works at the intersection of environmental science and human-centered design. She enjoys tackling complex questions of socio-ecological conflict and uses design methods to make them more approachable, relevant, and "human-sized." She joined Rachelle's research team in 2010 and spent 3 months in Hawai'i, helped collect the data that is presented in Pono Me Ka Aina, and then assisted in making the show a reality two years later. She has collaborated on a number of projects to build community through the science-design nexus, including interactive visualizations of agricultural pollution with New Zealand dairy farmers and a ecosystem-based sound scavenger hunt with DJs in the Bay Area. Find her on twitter and pinterest.

Research Assistant, Production Team Member

Lindley Mease is a Research Analyst at Stanford's Center for Ocean Solutions. Her project work includes the analysis of cumulative impacts and ecological tipping points to improve ocean management, the study and mitigation of coastal drivers of ocean acidification, and curriculum development for field-based seminars. Lindley is a recent graduate of the Earth System’s masters program at Stanford University; she worked with Rachelle in Hawai'i in 2009.. She is particularly excited about employing user-centered design, environmental conflict mediation, and effective stakeholder engagement and communication strategies to tackle socio-ecological challenges.

Research Assistant, Production Team Member

Iberia Zafira is passionate about people, the environment, design, and management. After joining Rachelle's research team in 2010, she returned two more summers to empower youth via Kupu, research sustainable tourism at Diamond Head State Park with KYA Sustainability Studio and the DLNR, and explore organizational behavior with UH Manoa Shidler School of Business Professor Dr. Sonia Ghumman. Iberia is currently a Prospect Researcher at the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health, a Carbon Fund Intern at San Francisco Environment, and freelance graphic designer.

Web Design

Website conceptualization, design, and development

Gurpreet Kalra is a newly minted web developer. She recently finished a coding bootcamp in Silicon Valley where she learned all aspects of creating web applications. She loves coding and is deeply passionate about being at the intersection of research and technology. She especially loves playing around with Javascript and has recently fallen in love with dabbling with data visualization. Gurpreet completed her Masters at the University of Oxford in 2012 where she studied Political Science. You can look at her current projects on her at her personal portfolio site.