Laboratory Research Technician

Marie is lab manager and a research technician on a variety of terrestrial biogeochemistry projects at the Aiken Forestry Sciences Lab. She is passionate about lab safety, soils, and global change ecology. Her specific research interests include soil carbon cycling and nutrient management in terrestrial environments. Marie loves field work and has a range of experience from running meteorological stations and in situ soil sensors in agricultural systems to deploying greenhouse gas analyzers and proprietary rhizotron robots in sub-arctic environments.

Her master’s research at the University of Tennessee was focused on the effects of biodegradable plastic mulch treatments on soil quality. During this time, she gained field and lab experience conducting a comprehensive soil carbon pool analysis, temperature incubation experiment, and soil microplastic analysis. Before moving to Vermont, she was a research technician with UW’s hydro-biogeochemistry research group on a permafrost thaw project in Alaska. This North Carolinian is looking forward to trying all the new winter sports and exploring the mountain bike trails in her free time.


Sintim, H. Y., Bandopadhyay, S., English, M. E., Bary, A. I., DeBruyn, J. M., Schaeffer, S. M., ... & Flury, M. (2019). Impacts of biodegradable plastic mulches on soil health. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 273, 36-49.

Hayes, D. G., Wadsworth, L. C., Sintim, H. Y., Flury, M., English, M., Schaeffer, S., & Saxton, A. M. (2017). Effect of diverse weathering conditions on the physiochemical properties of biodegradable plastic mulches. Polymer Testing, 62, 454-467.

Marie English

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Global change ecology, soil biogeochemistry, soil carbon dynamics, soil chemistry, environmental sensor development, nutrient management


  • M.S., Environmental and Soil Science, University of Tennessee
  • B.S., Environmental Science, UNC


Office Hours:

George D. Aiken Forestry Sciences Lab, 705 Spear Street, South Burlington, VT

  1. Adair Lab