M. Noelia Barrios-Garcia is a field ecologist broadly interested in the impacts of global change on community structure and ecosystem function. Her research focuses mostly on invasive species, climate change, and their interaction on community composition and associated ecosystem processes, to assist in predicting and mitigating their impacts. She approaches these topics by conducting observational studies, experiments, and literature reviews. She has studied a wide range of invasive species in Patagonia, Argentina, including pines (Pinus contorta), yellow jacket wasps (Vespula germanica), wild boar (Sus scrofa), deer (Cervus elaphus and Dama dama), and cattle (Bos taurus).


Selected Publications

  • Motta, L., Barrios-Garcia, M. N., Ballari, S. A., M.A. Rodriguez-Cabal. 2020. Cross-ecosystem impacts of non-native ungulates on wetland communities. Biological Invasions, 22(11): 3283-3291.
  • Rodriguez-Cabal, M. A., Barrios-Garcia, M. N., Greyson-Gaito, C. J., Slinn, H. L., Tapella, M. P., Vitali, A., and G. M. Crutsinger. 2019. Non-native ungulates indirectly impact foliar arthropods but not soil function. Biological Invasions,21(10): 3077-3084.
  • Barrios-García, M.N., Rodríguez-Cabal M.A., Rudgers J.A., and G.M. Crutsinger. 2017. Soil fertilization does not alter plant architectural effects on arthropod communities. Journal of Plant Ecology 10(5): 800-807.
  • Barney J.N., D.R. Tekiela, M.N. Barrios‐Garcia, R.D. Dimarco, R.A. Hufbauer, P. Leipzig‐Scott, M.A. Nuñez, A. Pauchard, P. Pyšek, and M. Vítková. 2015. Global Invader Impact Network (GIIN): toward standardized evaluation of the ecological impacts of invasive plants. Ecology and Evolution 5:2878-2889.
  • Barrios-Garcia M.N., Rodriguez-Cabal M.A., González A.L., and G.M. Crutsinger. 2015. Biogeographical variation in arthropod communities on coyote bush, Baccharis pilularis. Insect Conservation and Diversity 8(1):81-91.
  • Barrios-Garcia M.N., Classen A.T., and D. Simberloff. 2014. Disparate responses of above- and belowground properties to soil disturbance by an invasive mammal. Ecosphere 5(4): art 44.
  • Ballari S. and M.N. Barrios-Garcia. 2014. Diet of wild boar (Sus scrofa): a review of diet composition and feedings habits. Mammal Review 44(2): 124-134.
  • Rodriguez-Cabal M.A., Barrios-Garcia M.N., Amico G.C., Aizen M.A. and N.J. Sanders. 2013. Node-by-node disassembly of a mutualistic network driven by species introductions. PNAS 110(41): 16503-16507
  • Barrios-Garcia M.N. and D. Simberloff. 2013. Linking the pattern to the mechanism: how an exotic mammal promotes plant invasions. Austral Ecology 38(8): 884-890.
  • Barrios-Garcia M.N. and S.A. Ballari. 2012. Impact of wild boar (Sus scrofa) in its introduced and native range: a review. Biological Invasions 14(11): 2283-2300.
  • Simberloff D., Souza L., Nuñez M.A., Barrios-Garcia M.N. and W. Bunn. 2012. The natives are restless, but not often and mostly when disturbed. Ecology 93(3): 598-607.  * Recommended by Faculty of 1000.
Noelia Barrios-Garcia

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Instructional programs: Environmental Studies, Natural Resources
Research: Invasive species, climate change, community ecology, ecosystem ecology


  • Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, USA, 2012
  • Licenciada en Ciencias Biológicas, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina, 2005


  • 802-656-9087
Office Location:

203 Johnson House, 617 Main St

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