Postdoctoral Associate

Larry is a postdoctoral associate with the Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. Larry has a diverse background, having received his Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (UVM) and Master’s in Conservation Biology (Antioch University New England).  He spent nearly a decade as a teacher-naturalist at North Branch Nature Center, connecting people with the natural world.

Larry completed his PhD in Computer Science at the niversity of Vermont in 2020 as a Graduate Fellow in the NSF IGERT Smart Grid program, with a certificate in Complex Systems. He developed methods for quantifying the risk to the power grid from cascading blackouts and created a model for understanding information flow in human conversation. As a postdoc, Larry will bring his AI and machine learning quantitative skills to monitoring wildlife by helping computers identify sounds and images of wildlife collected by cell phones, recorders, or camera traps with the R package, AMMonitor.


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