Professor, Director of Wildlife & Fisheries Biology Program, Director of Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Laboratory

Professor Stockwell received his doctorate from the University of Toronto in 1996, followed by post-doctoral associate positions at Colorado State University and Michigan State University. He served as the station chief at the USGS Lake Superior Biological Station in Ashland, Wisconsin, from 2004-2007 and was a pelagic ecologist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland, Maine prior to joining the University of Vermont. Dr. Stockwell studies the migration behavior of aquatic invertebrates and its consequences for food web structure and function, the influence of climate change on lake systems with a focus on winter ecology, and the impacts of disturbance events on limnological processes.


Recent Publications

  • Kakouei K, Kraemer BM, Anneville O, Carvalho L, Feuchtmayr H, Graham JL, Higgins S, Pomati F, Rudstam LG, Stockwell JD, Thackeray SJ, Vanni M, Adrian R. Accepted. Phytoplankton and cyanobacteria abundances in mid-21st century lakes depend strongly on future land use and climate projections. Global Change Biology.
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  • Stewart TR, M Mäkinen, C Goulon, J Guillard, TJ Marjomäki, E Lasne, J Karjalainen, JD Stockwell. 2021. Influence of warming temperatures on coregonine embryogenesis within and among species. Hydrobiologia
  • Doubek JP, O Anneville, G Dur, AM Lewandowska, VP Patil, JA Rusak, N Salmaso, CT Seltmann, D Straile, P Urrutia-Cordero, P Venail, R Adrian, MB Alfonso, CL DeGasperi, E de Eyto, H Feuchtmayr, EE Gaiser, SF Girdner, JL Graham, H-P Grossart, J Hejzlar, S Jacquet, G Kirillin, ME Llames, S-IS Matsuzaki, ER Nodine, MC Piccolo, DC Pierson, A Rimmer, LG Rudstam, S Sadro, HM Swain, SJ Thackeray, W Thiery, P Verburg, T Zohary, JD Stockwell. 2021. The extent and variability of storm-induced temperature changes in lakes measured with long-term and high-frequency data. Limnology and Oceanography 66:1979-1992.
  • Hrycik AR, JD Stockwell. 2021. Under-ice mesocosms reveal the primacy of light but the importance of zooplankton in winter phytoplankton dynamics. Limnology and Oceanography 66:481-495.
  • Stockwell JD, BP O’Malley S Hansson, RJ Chapina, LG Rudstam, BC Weidel. 2020. Benthic habitat is an integral part of Mysis ecology. Freshwater Biology 65:1997-2009.
  • Stockwell JD, JP Doubek, R Adrian, O Anneville, CC Carey, L Carvalho, LN De Senerpont Domis, G Dur, MA Frassl, H-P Grossart, BW Ibelings, MJ Lajeunesse, AM Lewandowska, ME Llames; IS Matsuzaki; ER Nodine; P Nõges, VP Patil, F Pomati, K Rinke, LG Rudstam, JA Rusak, N Salmaso, CT Seltmann, D Straile, SJ Thackeray, W Thiery, P Urrutia-Cordero, P Venail, P Verburg, RI Woolway, T Zohary, MR Andersen, R Bhattacharya, J Hejzlar, N Janatian, ATNK Kpodonu, TJ Williamson, HL Wilson. 2020. Storm impacts on phytoplankton community dynamics in lakes. Global Change Biology 26:2756-2784.
  • Doubek JP, SK Goldfarb, JD Stockwell. 2020. Should we be sampling zooplankton at night? Limnology & Oceanography Letters 5:313-321.
Jason Stockwell

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Instructional programs: Environmental Sciences, Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Research: Aquatic ecology


  • PhD 1996 University of Toronto (Zoology)
  • BSc 1991 Northland College (Biology and Mathematics)


  • 802 656-3009
Office Location:

Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Lab, 3 College Street and 308H Aiken Center