Director, Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

Jim Duncan directs the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative where he works to provide the information needed to understand, manage, and protect the region's forested ecosystems in a changing global environment. He previously worked to increase transparency in the oil, gas and mining sectors by giving decision makers and citizens tools to map and interact with data, including in Mongolia and Ghana. He was also lucky enough get outdoors in 2005 and spend a year building trails and cutting fire-prone forests in Arizona.


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Jim Duncan

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Human-environment geography, data science, forest ecology, land use, landscape ecology, transboundary river basin management, natural resource governance


  • MS Geography, Oregon State University, 2010
  • BA Physics, Haverford College, 2003


  • 802-656-2975
Office Location:

George D. Aiken Forestry Sciences Lab, 705 Spear Street