Research Associate

Gary Hawley retired as an Environmental Sciences and Forestry faculty member in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. He is also a member of the Williston, Vermont Conservation Commission. Gary's research interests include assessments of forest genetics and physiological responses of trees to environmental stresses such as climate change and anthropogenic pollution. He has been involved in several American chestnut research projects including cold tolerance assessments, evaluation of the growth of multiple seed sources, and performance of blight resistant hybrids relative to other forest tree species in collaboration with the The American Chestnut Foundation and US Forest Service.

Gary also directed many of the activities surrounding the green renovation of the Aiken Center and other Rubenstein School buildings. This nearly 20-year process included teaching a yearly course, “The Greening of Rubenstein Interns,” that has guided students through many aspects of energy efficiency upgrades and is currently pushing ahead to Net Zero Energy for these buildings.


Kosiba, A.M.; Schaberg, P.G.; Rayback, S.A.; Hawley, G.J. 2018.  In Press. The surprising recovery of red spruce growth shows links to decreased acid deposition and elevated temperature.  Science of the Total Environment.

Schaberg, P.G., P.F. Murakami, J.R. Butnor, G.J. Hawley. 2017. Experimental branch cooling increases foliar sugar and anthocyanin concentrations in sugar maple at the end of the growing season. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 47:696-701.

Schaberg, P.G., Murakami, P.F., Hawley, G.J., Collins, K.M. 2017. American chestnut restoration in New England - cold damage as an added challenge. New England Society of American Foresters News Quarterly. 78(3): 8-11.

Engel, B.J., P.G. Schaberg, G.J. Hawley, S.A. Rayback, J. Pontius, A.M. Kosiba, E.K. Miller. 2016. Assessing relationships between red spruce woody growth and high-resolution pollution exceedance values. Forest Ecology and Management 359:83-91.

Halman, J.M., P.G. Schaberg, G.J. Hawley, C.F. Hansen, T.J. Fahey. 2015. Differential impacts of calcium and aluminum treatments on sugar maple and American beech growth dynamics. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 45:52-59.

Gary Hawley

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Instructional programs: Environmental Sciences, Forestry
Research: Cold tolerance, genetic diversity & physiological adaptation of forest trees; demonstration of high performance green buildings


  • M.S. 1982 Forest Genetics, University of Vermont
  • B.S. 1978 Forestry, University of Vermont
  • LEED GA 2018, U.S. Green Building Council


  • 802 656-2512
Office Location:

204A Aiken Center