Ellen studies restoration and ecology of Great Lakes fishes, primarily lake trout, and the biology and control of exotic species. She received her doctorate in Fisheries in 1988 from Cornell University, and was a post-doctoral associate at Cornell for two years. In 1990 she joined the Illinois Natural History Survey as director of the Lake Michigan Biological Station, then moved to the University of Vermont in 1996 as an Assistant Professor.


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Ellen Marsden

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Instructional program: Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Research: Fisheries ecology, fish behavior, aquatic invasive species


  • Ph.D. 1988 Cornell University, Department of Natural Resources
  • M.S. 1985 Cornell University, Ecology & Systematics
  • B.A. 1978 Bryn Mawr College, Biology


  • 802 656-0684
Office Location:

308D Aiken Center

Courses Taught

  • WFB 117 Scientific Writing and Interpretation
  • WFB 161 Fisheries Biology and Techniques

  • WFB 261 Fisheries Managment (alternating years)

  • WFB 232 Ichthyology (alternating years)