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Wildlife and Ornithology

My research focuses on the factors that influence habitat quality for birds. Much of this work involves quantifying the factors that influence food availability; although, some of my recent research looks at the effects of anthropogenic habitat (e.g., ski resorts, urbanization, and agricultural habitats) modification on bird populations. My current research emphasis is on grassland bird populations in the Champlain Valley. However, my research can better be described as question-driven, as I am also involved with projects investigating the ecology of high elevation bird species and contributions of birds to trophic level interactions.


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Allan Strong

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Instructional programs: Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, Natural Resources
Research: Avian ecology, conservation biology, landscape ecology


  • Ph.D. 1999 Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Tulane University
  • M.S. 1986 Fisheries and Wildlife, University of Missouri, Columbia
  • B.S. 1983 Fisheries and Wildlife Biology, University of Vermont, cum laude


  • 802 656-2910
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220L Aiken Center