Statement of Solidarity

The MLS Program stands in solidarity with Black-led movements that continue to rise up against systemic racial violence, anti-blackness, and white supremacy.  We join the call for accountability and justice for the murders of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor and all other victims of racial violence over hundreds of years on this continent, and we stand with Black-led movements taking courageous action toward liberation and systemic change.

At this moment, the MLS program returns to the wisdom, teachings, and practices of our partners and affiliate community on leadership, learning, change, and social movements. We are reminded that transformational change is possible through deep solidarity, relationship, learning and love.   

We deepen our resolve and commitment to practices for unlearning and dismantling the mindsets, structures, and systems of white supremacy and anti-blackness in ourselves, our relationships, the MLS program, our institutions, and the larger world of which we are part.  

We reaffirm our commitment to follow and center the leadership of Black-led social movements and center the voices, experiences, and wisdom of Black, Indigenous, and PoC leaders and practitioners.  The MLS Program recommits to our core values of love, learning, relationship, and well being; while doing all we can to leverage institutional and positional power and resources towards transforming higher education to support and create spaces where all life can thrive, and where all Black Lives Matter.

This is a time for showing up for each other in action, with courage and in alignment with our deepest values. We commit to this work over the long haul with love and in solidarity.