MLS Webinar (4/19 3pm EST): Leadership Inspired by the Wisdom of Nature

The Role of the Sacred in our Life/Work

Join us for a conversation as we explore big questions about the intersection of faith, the sacred, our lives, and our work.  What is the role of the sacred in our work?  What is the relationship between faith and belief?  How does this affect how we show up?

Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees has spent a life at the crossroads where species, cultures, beliefs, ideas  and the unknown collide and find both dissonance and resonance. As an artist/catalyst, her work focuses on re-orienting to indigenous mind, radical reciprocity and regenerating an essential relationship with the sacred through the wisdom of nature. She continues to find passion, renewal and nourishment from all of the Earth's expressions including humans and find joy in the journey of life. You can learn more about TwoTrees at

Matt Kolan is a Senior Lecturer at the UVM Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. He teaches courses on systems thinking and problem-solving, power and privilege, field ecology and wildlife tracking, and the ecology of leadership, learning and change. His research explores non-traditional practices and systems that catalyze transformation, facilitate high-leverage learning, and support well-being at multiple scales. He is also interested in what nature and ecology might teach us about leadership and learning. Matt also works as an educational and ecological consultant for a variety of organizations, including the National Park Service, Center for Whole Communities, Shelburne Farms, and others.
Marvin K. White (MDiv) is a poet, writer, preacher, public theologian, visual artist and arts organizer.  He is a graduate of the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA and the inaugural Public Theologian in Residence ('17-'18) at First Church Berkeley.  He is currently Artivist in Residence at the Oakland Peace Center ('18-'19) and was recently introduced as a member of the 2018 inaugural cohort of Rockwood Leadership Institute's "Lead Now: California" fellowship.  He is the author of four collections of poetry published by RedBone Press as well as other local and national publications. You can learn more about Marvin at
Hosted by: Jeanette Miller, Alumni Coordinator (2017)