If students complete all four years of UVM Honors College requirements (or three years for students accepted as sophomores) in addition to their school or college major requirements, they will graduate as Honors College Scholars. The following requirements should be discussed with your academic advisor.


The Honors College experience begins with a six-credit seminar (three credits taken each semester of the first year), HCOL 95: The Pursuit of Knowledge. Each semester of the second year, students take a three-credit honors seminar, choosing from an extensive slate of offerings created for Honors College students by schools and colleges throughout the university.

In the junior and senior year, the Honors College requirements are determined within the home school or college to focus more intensively on a field of study related to your major. The requirements for students in the Rubenstein School are as follows:

Junior Year

  • HCOL 101: Honors College Thesis Preparation Seminar (0-1 credit, Fall or Spring Semester--recommended) -- A course designed to assist students in the production and submission of an Honors College Thesis Proposal
  • NR 199: Honors Seminar (1 credit, Spring Semester--required) -- A discussion and readings seminar that features guest speakers as part of the Rubenstein School Spring Seminar Series
  • NR 298: Honors Project Planning * (2 credits, Spring Semester--required) -- Process, procedures, and strategies leading to the development of an individual or group Honors Project Proposal

* Environmental Studies majors or students in other majors with scheduling challenges, such as Study Abroad conflicts, may choose to take ENVS 201: Research Methods (3 credits) in place of NR 298: Honors Project Planning.

Senior Year

During the final year, students carry out their senior thesis or research project. A total of 6 credits will be earned for this work between fall and spring semester through registration in one of the following discipline areas:

  • ENSC 299 Environmental Sciences Honors
  • ENVS 202/203 Honors Thesis
  • FOR 299 Honors
  • NR 299 Honors
  • PRT 299 Parks, Rec and Tourism Honors
  • WFB 299 Wildlife & Fisheries Honors