The University of Vermont requires a review of all non-student hires and changes to existing employees through a process called “Essential Hire Request.”

Current requirements are as follows:

  • UVM Undergraduate and Graduate Student appointments and hires. Currently, no review is required. You may proceed with hiring through the UVM Student Employment Office or the Rubenstein School Business Service Center (RBSC) HR Specialist. Student Employees (Graduate and Undergraduate) hiring considerations (PDF).
  • Temporary (non-students) and Staff hires and employee changes that are 100% grant funded or 100% gift funded. Hires and employees on grant funded sources, may use this Essential Hire Request form. Please complete all information and submit. THESE FORMS ARE REVIEWED WEEKLY ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY. You will receive an email confirmation (or questions) upon review. If approved, you will begin working with the RBSC HR Specialist to process these hires/changes.
  • Hires and employee changes that are funded with general fund sources or Income/Expense sources. The Provost Office requires completion of this Non-Faculty Essential Hire Request form (XLSX). The form is comprehensive and requires an organizational chart to be included as well as a complete summary of roles and responsibilities. Once completed, please upload into the RBSC Transaction Portal under Payroll Transactions. If there are fields for which you do not have information, please highlight them in yellow for further review and completion by the Assistant Dean/HR Specialist. Forms will be routed internally (Assistant Dean > Dean) for review/approval and then on to the Provost Office. This process may take several days, so please plan ahead. 
  • Faculty changes are processed through the Dean and Associate Deans and routed directly to the Provost. Please contact Rose Feenan, William Bowden or Jennifer Pontius in the Rubenstein School Dean's Office for additional information.
  • Post Doc Associates/Fellows and all Graduate Student appointments must be approved by the Dean in advance of hire/appointment. Approval is deemed final upon Dean signature of appointment letters. Additional essential hire processing is not required.