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Emeriti Faculty
Name/Bio Title Contact
Dale Bergdahl Professor Emeritus, Forest Pathology email
Malcolm Bevins Extension Professor Emeritus, Resource Economics and Recreation Management email
David Capen Professor Emeritus, Applied Avian Ecology and Wildlife Habitat Analysis email
Alan Cassell Professor Emeritus, Water Resources email
Donald DeHayes Professor Emeritus, Forest Genetics and Tree Physiology email
John Donnelly Professor Emeritus, Tree Physiology and Forest Ecology email
Lawrence Forcier (Larry) Associate Professor Emeritus, Natural Resources email
Alphonse Gilbert Associate Professor Emeritus, Resource Economics and Ski Area Management email
Peter Hannah Professor Emeritus, Silviculture and Forest Soils email
David Hirth Associate Professor Emeritus, Wildlife Behavioral Ecology and Deer Management email
Jurij Homziak Extension Assistant Professor Emeritus, Lake Champlain Sea Grant email
Thomas Hudspeth (Tom) Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies and Natural Resources email
Stephanie Kaza Professor Emerita of Environmental Studies email
Suzanne Levine Associate Professor of Environment and Natural Resources Emerita email
John Lindsay (Jack) Associate Professor Emeritus, Outdoor Recreation Management and Planning email
Thomas McEvoy Professor Emeritus, Forestry Extension email
Robert Manning Professor of Environment and Natural Resources Emeritus email
Alan McIntosh Professor Emeritus, Environmental Sciences email
Carl Newton Professor Emeritus, Forest Management and Natural Resources Planning email
Richard Paradis (Rick) Lecturer Emeritus, Environmental Studies email
Jean Richardson Professor Emerita, Environmental Program, Natural Resources and Geography email
John Shane Lecturer Emeritus, Forestry email
John Todd Professor Emeritus, Ecological Design email
Curtis Ventriss (Curt) Professor Emeritus, Public Policy and Natural Resources email
Deane Wang Associate Professor Emeritus email
Mary Watzin Professor Emeritus, Aquatic Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Lake and Watershed Ecology email
Ian Worley Professor Emeritus, Environmental Program, Botany email