The following is a partial list of speakers invited to present at the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. These events help to build the School community's awareness of race and diversity issues.

Marjorie Alexander, Insights on Paths to Sustainability from A Sustainable Mind (ENVS 188, 2020-21) 

Nnimmo Bassey, Environmental human rights issues in Nigeria (ENVS 295 Climate Justice and Community, 2020-21)

Lawrence Bembry, Service Center Director, Bureau of Land Management, Denver Federal Center, Denver, CO (September 1995)

Melody Walker Brook, Indigenous Perspectives and Multiple Ways of Knowing (NR 006, 2020-21)

Robert Bullard, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Environmental Justice Resource Center, Clark Atlanta University (1995)

Ariana Cano, Inclusive and Caring Economics: Sustainability Practices in the Private Sector (NR 206, 2020-21)

Jacqueline Cardoza, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (NR 006, Spring 2021)

Joshua Carrera, El Piquiro Patos Azules de Bushwick: Around the world and back again (NR 206, 2020-21)

Kendyce Cockney, Inuvialuit Peoples, The Community of Tuktoyaktuk, Community Organizing, Leadership and Problem Solving (NR 206, 2020-21)

Judy Dow, Phenology of the Intervale from an indigenous perspective (NR 002, 2020-21)

James Eikenberry, Soil Conservationist and Asian American/Pacific Islander Special Emphasis Program, Natural Resources Conservation Service Jobs in the NRCS and Minority Recruiting (October 2009)

Mickey Fearn, Deputy Director for Communications and Community Outreach, USDI National Park Service (November 2010)

Nelson Alvarez Febles, Food sovereignty, small farms, and agroecology in Puerto Rico (ENVS 295 Climate Justice and Community (2020-21)

George Félix, Analysis and co-design of tropical agroforestry systems in ENVS 295 Climate Justice and Community (2020-21)

Carolyn Finney, Whose parks are these? (NR 006, 2020-21)

Myron Floyd, Associate Professor, Texas A&M, Race and Recreation in the US (October 1999)

John Francis, The Planetwalker, Planetwalking: Redefining Environment (December 2014)

Pamela Gardner, Director, Career Services, UVM, My Story: Being a Latina in the U.S. (September 1998, September 1999, September 2000, October 2006), History of race issues on the University of Vermont campus (October 2007)

Wanjiku Gatheru, A Conversation with Environmental and Social Justice Activist Wanjiku Gatheru in ENVS course lab group taught by Amy Seidl (2020-21)

Donald Grinde, Professor of History & Director, ALANA Studies Program, UVM, Native American Perspectives on Nature and the Environment (September 2000, September 1999, October 1998, September 1997)

Reginald "Flip" Hagood, Vice President for the Student Conservation Association (September 2002)

Wanda Heading-Grant, UVM Executive Director for Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action (September 2002)

Nichole Henderson-Roy, New York City Parks Stewardship Program (NR 006, Spring 2021)

Hazel Johnson, Executive Director, People for Community Recovery, Chicago, IL (October 1996)

Robin Kimmerer, Author of “Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teaching of Plants” (November 2015)

Winona LaDuke, Environmental Program Director, Seventh Generation Fund, Campaign Director, White Earth Land Recovery Project, Member of the Mississippi Band of Anishinaabeg and Vice Presidential candidate on the Green Party Ticket with Ralph Nader in 1996 and 2000 (November 1994, September 2006)

Charles Lee, Research Director, United Church of Christ Commission on Racial Justice, A Personal Retrospective of an Emerging Environmental Movement (October 1998)

Daniel Lim, Daniel Lim Consulting (NR 006, Spring 2021)

Thomas Macias, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Vermont, Environmental Justice (September 2005)

Gloria Manning, Associate Deputy Chief of Business Operations, USDA Forest Service (August 2000)

H. Larry McCrorey, Professor Emeritus of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics, UVM, Race in Vermont and the US (October 2001, September 2000, September 1999, September 1998, September 1997, September 1994)

Elaine McKinney, Civil Rights Manager, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, USDA Forest Service, Radnor, PA, Race Issues in US Agencies (October 1997)

Hitesh Mehta, Holistic eco-planning and eco-design of ecolodges (NR 206, 2020-21)

Kenneth Mello, Assistant Professor, Department of Religion, University of Vermont, Native American Perspective and the Environment (October 2007)

Denise Meridith, State Director for the Arizona Office, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of the Interior (September 1996)

Vernice Miller, Director, Environmental Justice Initiative, Natural Resources Defense Council, New York, NY (October 1996)

Melody S. Mobley, Forest Health Specialist, USDA Forest Service, Why Natural Resource Professionals Need to be Concerned about Race and Culture Issues (September 1998)

Paul Mohai, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan Environmental Justice (October 1994)

Irene Suárez Pérez, The UNFCCC - Multilaterism & Environmental Problem Solving (NR 206, 2020-21)

Jaime Pinkham, President, Inter-Tribal Timber Council, Department of Natural Resources, Nez Perce Tribe, Native American perspective on natural resources management (November 1995, December 1994)

Olga Pomar, South Jersey Legal Services, Inc. (September 2005)

Christine Pytel, USDA Forest Service, Washington, DC, Contributions of multiple perspectives (November 1994)

Kesha Ram, State Representative, Chittenden District 3-4, RSENR Alumna, (September 2010)

Margie Eugene-Richard, First African-American to win the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize, Shell Chemical Corporation vs. Norco, Louisiana (October 2004)

Hector Saez, Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Vermont, Natural Assets as Solutions to Environmental Injustices (September 2001)

Robin Saha, Assistant Professor, University of Montana, Students on the Environmental Justice Front Lines in a Former Copper Mining Town in Montana (October 2010)

Debra Salazar, Professor of Political Science, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA (September 1997)

Annette Smith, Vermonters for a Clean Environment Social Justice and the Environment (September 2007)

Sherwood Smith, Assistant Professor, University of Vermont, An African-American Safari to Africa (September 2001), Intercultural Communication (October 2002, September 2003), Cultural Competency (2004-2010)

Robert Stanton, former Director of the USDI National Park Service, Diversity in public service employment (October 2005)

Gerald Stover, School of Advanced International Studies, Washington, DC, Institutional Racism in Natural Resources (November 1995, October 1994)

Dorceta Taylor, Assistant Professor of Environmental Sociology, University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment and Center for Afroamerican and African Studies, The Rise of Radical Grassroots Environmentalism: Emergence of a New Environmental Discourse (September 1994)

Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees, Artist and Writer (October 2010)

Mary Washington, Assistant Director, Baltimore Parks and the Natural Resources Leadership Institute (November 2007)

Greg Watson, Executive Director, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, African Americans in the Environmental Movement - Coming Home to the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (September 1999)

Margaret Williams, Citizens Against Toxic Exposure, Pensacola, FL, Citizens Against Toxic Exposure: A Case Study (October 1995)