Contacts for Grants Management

Primary Contacts: Heather Bullett 802-656-2691 or Deb McAdoo 802-656-3222
Secondary Contact: Rose Feenan 802-656-3326

Queries and Reports

The PeopleSoft system holds a wealth of information in the form of data that can be accessed through Queries and Reports. These pages help you understand the most commonly used queries and reports used by RSENR staff and faculty (specific to grants management but can be used for all budget management needs). Once a run control id has been established for various reports, it is easy to access this information.

The Business Service Center can assist you with initial setup and training.


QUERIES: PeopleSoft informational aids that provide data quickly and are customized by use of parameters supplied by the user.

Queries require that parameter information be supplied. If there is a % sign in parentheses after a line description you must enter either a value or the % sign. The % sign is considered to be a wildcard. It can be used alone, giving you all data for that line description, or with a partial value to narrow down the data queried. Example: if you used just % for Fund Like, your query results would include all fund #s. If you used 3% for Fund Like your results would include only the data with a fund number beginning with 3. The % sign can be used anywhere within the value you supply. If there is not a % sign after the line description you must provide the value.


REPORTS: PeopleSoft informational aids that generally provide more detail than a query but take more time to run.

Reports are customized by use of parameters supplied by the user, which can be saved for future use in run control IDs.