This page contains frequently asked questions about SciShield and the answers to those questions. If you are not able to find a sufficient answer to your particular question on this page, please email safety@uvm.

This page will be updated as frequently as possible depending on the questions that get asked.

Last update: 09/11/2023

Q: How do I set up my lab in SciShield?

A: When logging in to SciShield for the first time, the site will have you use a "Wizard" to help you set up your lab.  For additional guidance, EHS has created a guide for PIs to use. Of course, you can always email or your Lab Safety Coordinator directly for assistance.


Q: My LSO completed the lab hazard accessment and now I as the PI am being asked to confirm this information, how do I go about doing this?

A: Please view this GUIDE to confirm and submit lab hazards your your designated lab spaces.


Q: I recently put my lab information in SciShield. Now we have 2 new lab workers who joined out lab group! Should I continue updating these types of changes in SciShield only or should I also keep updating my old lab registry? 

A: Thank you for setting up your lab information in SciShield. If you have added your lab spaces and added all lab personnel into SciShield, you may allow your old lab registry to expire. 


Q: LAB CHEMICAL INVENTORY: I heard we can enter a full chemical inventory in SciShield and that Safety Data Sheets can be linked.  

A: Yes! ChemTracker is now ready and available to use. See the ChemTracker Guide in the Quick Links on the Laboratory Registry website to help you enter your chemical inventory. Every chemical can now be entered online.


Q. Do I need to still need to keep my printed Safety Data Sheets in the lab now that ChemTracker is available in SciShield.

A. This is up to you. Safety Data Sheets are required to be available to all lab members. They should be reviewed before a chemical is used. 


Q. My Principal Investigator is out of town (or on sabbatical, on vacation). How can I enter my lab info into SciShield? 

A. The Principal Investigator (PI) must login and click on ‘General Setup Wizard’. Then, on the bottom of the page,  they can click on "Delegate Now".  This is how the PI can assign or give you permission to enter the lab information using the laboratory registration wizard.  


Q. I'm the lab safety officer for six different labs with three different Principal Investigators. One PI set up his lab. This PI named one of the other PIs as a lab member. When one of the other PIs went into SciShield to set up his lab, no setup wizard appeared. Do you have any suggestions as to how this PI or I can set up his labs without the wizard?

A. Please contact We can add the Principal Investigator who did not see the setup wizard. Once we add them into SciShield, they will be able to go to the start up wizard and assign you to complete the rest of the set up as the Lab Safety Officer. They must set the "permissions" so that you are able to login and add lab information.



Q. How do I create a door sign for my lab in SciShield?

A. When creating a door sign for the first time, or editing it when changes are made, please view the GUIDE that was created for this purpose. The door signs are printable in 8.5" x 11" format, and they fit into the magnetic holders provided by EHS. If you do not have a magnetic holder, please contact


Q. I cannot see the "door sign" tab in my SciShield profile. Why is this?

A. Your Principal Investigator has to give you "permission" to see the door sign tab. You need "permission" to create, edit and print a lab door sign.


Q. Now that I have printed a door sign, specically, where should it be placed?

A. Please view the GUIDE to door sign placement outside your lab. 


Q. My LSO completed the lab hazard assessment but I am being told as a PI that I need to confirm these hazards, how do I complete this?

A. Please view this GUIDE to how to confirm and submit your lab hazards.