The Online Laboratory Registry is an inventory of all labs on campus. Lab Supervisors, or designated Lab Safety Officers, are able to access the database using their UVM NetID and password. Each lab registry includes a personnel roster and chemical/gas inventory. Update the lab registry every 6 months so the information is current if and in case emergency responders access it.

The registry includes a comment box. Add information that may be criticial or useful for emergency responders during a lab or building emergency.

Emergency responders who may use this information include the following:

  • Risk Management and Safety staff
  • Burlington Fire Department
  • UVM Rescue
  • UVM Police Services
  • Physical Plant personnel

The registry information is critical and may be used before entering a lab during an emergency situation.

Online Inventory Documentation

A printed copy of the online registry and chemical inventory should also be kept in the Lab Safety Notebook.

  1. Enter each laboratory by room number. Some labs may be grouped into one larger lab space. If you are unsure contact Safety staff.
  2. Use the comment box to note any special information about your work or equipment. Think about what information might be important to Burlington Fire Dept or any other emergency responder blindly entering your area.
  3. Identify all those who work in the laboratory or location. Use their UVM NetID. Be sure to click on Save Roster so that their name pops up underneath their NetID.
  4. Add emergency cell phone numbers for the PI and the Lab Safey Officer. These will not be seen by everyone, only those with security access.
  5. Note the general amounts of hazardous chemicals of concern (HCOC) (PDF) stored in the laboratory on a routine basis.

Easiest Way to Enter an Online Inventory

Note: If someone else has already used this form on your computer, you may already be logged into the system. Quit your browser and restart it to avoid this problem.

Emergency Contact Door Sign

Emergency contact names and phone numbers should be updated regularly and posted on the outside of every UVM laboratory door.

UVM Physical plant personnel or emergency responders will refer to this signage when they are trying to contact appropriate lab personnel during an emergency.

Since emergencies often take place during non-business hours, the phone numbers listed on the emergency sign should be numbers where the person can be reached immediately (a cell phone, if possible).

If there are security concerns and lab workers prefer not to post emergency contact information on the lab door, please be sure emergency numbers are listed correctly in the Laboratory Online Inventory (login required). Emergency responders can also access this important information while on route to an emergency in your building. This information is not available to the general public.

Shared Labs

The doors of shared laboratory spaces must be properly labeled by users. Equipment or areas specific to lab groups must be labeled with the Lab Supervisor’s name and a contact phone number. Users should make sure there is a completed Emergency Contact sticker posted outside the door with current information should lab users change over time.

Online roster and inventory is required to be updated every 6 months