Safety lab supplies are available in the following locations on campus. If you find that a specific location is low on a specific item that you need, please email

  • Given 1st floor - in a box on the table near the mailboxes/mail room
  • Health Sciences Research Facility (HSRF) 2nd floor - near the elevator at the south end of the building
  • Stafford 2nd floor - mail room on south end of the building
  • Marsh Life Sciences basement - biology stockroom
  • Rubenstein Laboratory 1st floor - near mailboxes as you enter from loading dock
  • STEM Discovery 2nd floor - stockroom (ask Travis Verrett)
  • Colchester Research Facility 1st floor - on a shelf inside the mail room
  • Votey 3rd floor - in Room 334 (ask Courtney Giles, CEMS Lab Manager)
  • Jeffords 2nd and 3rd floor - in each Autoclave Room (222 and 316)

In each of these locations, the following materials should be available:

  • Green chemical labels (2 sizes)
  • Orange chemical labels (2 sizes)
  • Lab waste accumulation labels
  • Lab waste tags
  • Eyewash/safety shower flush logs
  • Monthly self-inspection checklists
  • Uncontaminated Waste Boxes

Be sure to check out Chemical Waste Disposal to find out more about proper collection, labeling, and storage of laboratory waste chemicals.