UVM Environmental Management Plan (EMP) serves as UVM's written Laboratory Management Plan in accordance with 40 CFR 262.200 (Subpart K) and the Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Regulations VHWMR 7-109(b)(4). 

The University of Vermont is an eligible academic entity and opts into the Alternative Requirements for Hazardous Waste Determination and Accumulation of Unwanted Material for Laboratories Owned by Eligible Academic Entities.  This LMP is subject to review and approval by the Secretary of Vermont's Agency of Natural Resources (ANR). This plan was approved by ANR on 19 June 2013; this complies with VHWMR 7-109(b)(4)(B).  This EMP is available to all UVM personnel and other personnel within UVM research labs[262 214(c)] and is reviewed and revised as needed [262 214(d)].

This plan applies to all laboratories owned or operated by the University of Vermont.  This plan may also apply to non-UVM laboratories conducting operations at UVM facilities.   The listing of labs covered by the EMP is password protected; contact safety@uvm.edu to access the information; this complies with VHWMR 7-109(b)(4)(D).

EMP Part I, Specific Provisions 40 CFR 262.21(a)

Laboratory chemicals that are no longer needed and meeting the definition of "unwanted material" (40 CFR 262.200) are considered "Laboratory Waste" at UVM.  Information about Laboratory Waste is associated with the container by use of a completed Laboratory Waste Tag and/or Label.  Tagged Laboratory Waste is picked up from each lab within 6 months of of the accumulation start date.  These procedures are detailed in Part II of this plan and comply with 40 CFR 262.214(a).

EMP Part II, Laboratory Waste Management Best Practices 40 CFR 262.214(b)

EMP Part III, Oversight of Laboratory Waste Management VHWMR 7-109(b)(4)(C)


Last Updated: January 2019