"An overarching goal is to ensure those individuals who develop and hone their scientific research skills within [our] academic research laboratories leave this university with the understanding that safety is a primary and core value in [our research] activities and that these individuals will embrace and promote those safety culture values throughout their professional careers."

- Stanford University Advancing Safety Culture in the University Laboratory


Workplace Safety Responsibilities

The University of Vermont is committed to supporting the safety, health, and welfare of our campus community. The elimination or reduction of accident-related illness, injury, and property and environmental damage is a cooperative effort and an important one. Only if safety is practiced by all can the university meet these obligations and provide a safe and healthy environment for members of this community.

To successfully achieve UVM's goal of Academic Excellence, individual members of our campus community must understand their roles and accept responsibility as described in UVM policies and plans. These are summarized in the links on this page. Please use the resource of UVM's Safety web-site to increase your personal awareness and minimize your risk for injury both on and off campus.

We look to all members of the University community to do their part in helping to meet this goal.

"Scholarly excellence and responsible conduct of research includes safety as a critical component."

- APLU Guide


University of Vermont Goals

[To] realize our vision to be among the nation’s premier small research universities, we must take these actions.