A safe campus environment is a right of employment for all categories of employees. A safe campus learning environment is a right of all involved in education and research.

- APLU Guide


Department Chairs and Directors are responsible for:

  • Supporting and encouraging a culture of safety and the use of best practices in protocols and procedures,
  • Communicating to to those charged with supervision that health, safety, and a concern for the environment are requirements at UVM,
  • Communicating that everyone shares in the obligation to perform work in a safe, healthful, and environmentally protective manner, and
  • Ensuring and enforcing that environmental health and safety responsibilities are carried out in the academic departments or administrative units for which they are responsibile.


Directors and Chairs may entrust the details of program implementation to department faculty, staff, department safety officers, or other appropriate persons within the department or unit; however, the responsibility for implementing these programs at the academic department/administrative unit level remains with the Directors and Chairs.