"A safe campus environment is a right of employment for all categories of employees. A safe campus learning environment is a right of all involved in education and research."

- APLU Guide


President's & Provost's Responsibilities

The President & Provost are responsible for:

  • Supporting the overall effectiveness and implementation of the University's environmental health and safety programs.
  • Committing the University to a culture of excellence and safety; and
  • Designating leadership to establish, maintain, and improve this culture.

Vice Presidents' and Deans' Responsibilities

The Vice Presidents and Deans are responsible for:

  • Supporting and encouraging a culture of safety and the use of best practices in laboratory protocols and procedures,
  • Ensuring that such practices are implemented and enforced in academic and administrative units for which they are responsible,
  • Ensuring that departments have the resources necessary to adequately mitigate risks, and
  • Communicating with Chairs and Directors about environmental health and safety responsibilities and programs that need to be implemented within their departments.


Vision, Mission, and Goals

To be among the nation’s premier small research universities, preeminent in our comprehensive commitment to liberal education, environment, health, and public service.


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