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Each Resumption of In-Person Operations Plan at a minimum, requires a Director/Supervisor, a Safety Officer, and a Logistics Coordinator be identified for every department. This page describes roles and responsibilities for each as well as identifies resources available for us to Rally Together.

In most departments, these roles will be filled by more than one individual; in smaller departments, one person may fill two or even all three roles. The larger and more complex the department (multiple units, buildings, programs and activities, widely disbursed geographically), the more consideration should be given to adding assistant safety officers.. This page explains the roles, responsibilities and resources for people in these positions. The Supervisor/Director has the authority and responsibility to implement and enforce all aspects of the plan. The Safety Officer/Logistics Coordinator acts under the authority of the Supervisor/Director.  Together, they educate, enable, and enforce.

Additionally, all departments shall designate, on every shift, an assistant safety officer or supervisor (does not have to be onsite [this can also be the department’s safety officer] but must be able to be contacted by phone and come on site during the shift to resolve a health and safety issue), who shall have the authority to stop or modify work activities to ensure work conforms to UVM’s mandatory Covid-19 health and safety requirements.


The Department Director/Supervisor has the authority and responsibility to implement and enforce all aspects of University policy, including those contained in the department’s approved COVID-19 Operations Plan, as well as all other health and safety requirements, and performance expectations for the employees they supervise. The Director/Supervisor can delegate their authority to oversee COVID-19 operations plans and health and safety requirements to safety officer(s). However, the ultimate responsibility for ensuring employee compliance remains with the Director/Supervisor.
  • Educate: The Director/Supervisor ensures that all personnel complete COVID-19 training and are briefed on University and department COVID-19-specific policies, plans and procedures.
  • Ensure: The supervisor ensures the completion of an in-person operations plan that encompasses all activities and facilities within their areas of responsibility. Ensures that a assistant safety officer or supervisor, on every shift, is designated who shall have the authority to stop or modify work activities to ensure work conforms to UVM’s mandatory Covid-19 health and safety requirements.
  • Enforce: The supervisor must take corrective action when employees are not complying fully with University and/or department-specific COVID-19 policies, plans, and procedures. This includes ensuring that their employees complete the required trainings and submit the pre-entry health survey when they are physically present at a UVM worksite. The supervisor also ensures that their employees are not allowed to remain at the worksite if they are symptomatic or suspected to have COVID-19. Supervisors should consult with their UVM Labor & Employee Relations professional for guidance before employees are sent home.

Department Safety Officer

The Department Safety Officer acts under the authority of a Dean, VP, Department Chair or Director and can be assigned as a safety officer broadly for a division or college, or specifically for a department, team, office or activity. As a minimum, every department must have an assigned safety officer. Safety officers work to accomplish the following:

  • Educate: The safety officer provides information to assistant safety officers and/or supervisors within the department regarding procedures in the UVM COVID-19 plan and the department-specific resumption of in-person operations plan(s). This can be through online presentations, live reviews of plans, and/or posters and signs that educate and remind personnel of procedures.
  • Ensure: Safety officers consult with assistant safety officers and/or supervisors to develop and amend procedures and activities to provide for adequate monitoring of personnel, physical spacing, hygiene, and training. They must stay abreast of changes both in department operations and in COVID-19 specific requirements, and update and amend their department plans and procedures to reflect these changes.
  • Enforce: The safety officer must periodically assess the activities and areas within the department for conformance to University and COVID-19-department plans and procedures and report that conformance to the Director/Supervisor. This may include auditing to ensure that:
    1. Pre-entry surveys are being submitted;
    2. Occupancy limits and non-congregating requirements are being met;
    3. Physical distancing guidelines are being used
    4. Face coverings are being used appropriately; and
    5. Systemic or repeat violations are being reported to the supervisor.

Department Logistics Coordinator

The Department Logistics Coordinator is authorized to order COVID-19 specific cleaning products, personal protective equipment (PPE), signs, and similar materials.

  • Educate: The logistics coordinator distributes supplies within the department, along with instructions for their use.
  • Ensure: The logistics coordinator and safety officer named in the department’s Resumption of In-Person Operations Plan are the only people in the department authorized to request specific COVID-19 supplies from the Central Supply Warehouse. Ordering must be done through FAMIS.
  • Enforce: The logistics coordinator maintains the inventory of cleaners and similar materials to ensure that these do not go missing and are replenished as needed.

Note: In many cases, the Logistics Coordinator and the Safety Officer will be the same person.

UVM Safety Officer

The President has appointed a UVM Safety Officer to implement and enforce the University’s COVID-19 specific health and safety policies, plan, and procedures. The UVM Safety Officer is responsible to:

  • Educate: The UVM Safety Officer provides training and information to department safety officers, supervisors, and logistics coordinators regarding COVID-19 specific UVM policies, plans, and procedures, as well as requirements and recommendations from the Governor, Vermont Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control, and other guiding organizations.
  • Ensure: The UVM Safety Officer consults with department safety officers to develop and amend plans as needed. The UVM safety officer also develops guidance documents, templates, and other resources to streamline implementation of plans and procedures.
  • Enforce: The UVM Safety Officer must periodically assess activities and areas throughout campus for conformance to the plans and procedures and report to the Vice President for Operations. The UVM Safety Officer must also respond to reports of non-compliance that are brought to the COVID-19 Health & Safety Reporting Hotline at (888) 229-7874, and UVM Human Resource Services 656-3150 as appropriate and may follow up with supervisors as needed.

Questions pertaining to this should be directed to Francis Churchill, UVM’s COVID-19 Safety Officer at francis.churchill@uvm.edu.


You do not have to be a supervisor or a Safety Officer to ask others to comply with the requirements.

All personnel should feel empowered to raise concerns with individuals who are not complying. If the offending behavior does not change, the supervisor of the individual who is violating the requirements must be notified. If supervisor notification does not correct the problem, then please notify UVM's COVID Information and Service Center at UVM.Strong@uvm.edu or (802)656-1010.

Students are required to abide by the tenets of the Green and Gold Promise. Any UVM student, faculty, or staff member may report non-compliance to the UVM COVID Information and Service Center at UVM.Strong@uvm.edu or (802)656-1010, or via a Student Conduct Incident Report.


Questions pertaining to this guidance document should be submitted to UVM.Strong@uvm.edu

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