Natural Gas Leak or Odor

  • Pull fire alarm pull station.
  • Do not switch on or off any lights or equipment
  • Warn others in immediate area to evacuate the building
  • Leave the building using the nearest safe exit. Leave doors open if possible.
  • Call local 911 UVM Police Services at 656-3473 (656-FIRE)

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector Sounding

  • Random single beeps indicates detector needs service. Call 656-2560
  • Pattern of 4 quick beeps indicate alarm, potentially dangerous levels of CO. If alarm, warn others in immediate area to leave the building
  • Leave building and meet at designated evacuation point
  • Call UVM Police Services at 656-3473 (656-FIRE) or 911
  • Do not reenter building until directed to by proper authorities

Loss of Electricity

  • Report the problem to the building maintenance contact or Service Operations (656-2560), select 1 and report the outage.
  • If evacuation is necessary, follow illuminated exit signs (battery powered) located throughout the building
  • Locate flashlights if necessary
  • Check the building to be sure occupants are okay
  • Once an estimate of when power will be restored is received, decide when personnel should plan on returning to work.

Loss of Heat

  • Call Service Operations (656-2560), select 1 and report outage
  • Loss of heat in winter months can cause pipes to freeze and break, resulting in water damage
  • During extreme heat or cold conditions building personnel may need to be relocated until system is restored