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At home or on-campus? You can pick the learning option that is right for you.

Fall 2020 Learning Options for Graduate Students (Graduate students)
Beginning July 24, graduate students will be able to alter their schedules to take some or all of their classes remotely, depending on the program. Graduate students can then request recognition of their remote option for fall with this form.

Revised  Fall  2020 Registration Schedule  (All except medical students)
See this schedule for the date that registration opens for each registration group.  

Fall 2020 On-campus Housing Timeline/Move-in details (Undergraduate students only)
Find out about roommate and room assignments, move-in dates, etc. here. Also see the Residential Life FAQs with answers to common questions.

Quarantine Information (All students)
Do you have to quarantine? Quarantine guidelines can be confusing so use this interactive tool  to understand your quarantine requirements and options before fall semester begins.  Please note: all students need to quarantine from the time they take their pre-arrival test to the time they arrive campus. 

The Center for Health and Wellbeing's Health & Safety for Move-In describes the various quarantine options, and guidelines for family members or friends who drive with you to Vermont.


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Returning to Vermont for the fall semester? The university is following the State of Vermont guidelines to reopen. Planning your return will take some time. Read through the resources below and reach out ( if you have any questions. 

Complete your pre-arrival checklist:

Take Your Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Test 5 days before arrival.
UVM's Provost, Dr. Prelock, will send a unique link to your UVM email.

Complete the Student Health & Safety Training, then Sign the Green & Gold Promise. 
This course is live on Blackboard.

Update your emergency contact, local address and CATAlert Information.
Complete all three updates in myUVM

Sign in to the CoVerified App (Coming Soon)
View testing dates and times and complete daily symptom checks. Please note: we will notify you when the UVM sign-on is activated. 

Complete AlcoholEDU & Haven Student Modules (all new students)
Check your UVM Email for your unique link on August 15


Dorm hall filled with student belongings

Both new and returning students will be working together to keep UVM safe and open.  In addition to the regular prep for the semester—unpacking, getting textbooks, and reconnecting with faculty and friends—there’s a few extra steps this year.

UVM Health and Safety Move-In Information

The Center for Health and Wellbeing gives a detailed overview of quarantine requirements for families, students living on-campus, students living off-campus as well testing and safety requirements for your move-in day. 

Fall 2020 On-Campus Move-In (Undergraduate students only)

UVM has two processes for students moving on campus, one for students who have decided to quarantine on campus and a second for students who are moving in the week of August 24.

Note: All students will check in at the Main Desk of their complex before proceeding to their Residence Hall.

Main Desks Locations by Learning Community

LC: Arts & Creativity
Campus: Trinity
Buildings: Hunt, McCann, McAuley, Mercy, Richardson, Ready, Sichel
Main Desk: McAuley Hall - 802.656.9640

LC: Cultural Crossroads
Campus: Athletic
Buildings: Marsh, Austin, Tupper; Living/Learning A, B, C, E
Marsh/Austin/Tupper Main Desk: MAT Commons - 802.656.2901
Living Learning Main Desk: L/L Commons - 802.656.8365

LC: Honors College
Campus: Athletic
Buildings: University Heights North and South
Main Desk: U-Heights North Lobby - 802.656.5550

LC: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Campus: Redstone
Buildings: Mason, Hamilton, Simpson
Main Desk: Simpson Lobby - 802.656.3000

LC: Liberal Arts Scholars Program
Campus: Athletic
Buildings: Living/Learning D
Main Desk: Living/Learning Commons - 802.656.8365

LC: Outdoor Experience
Campus: Redstone
Buildings: Davis, Coolidge, Redstone, Slade, Wing, Wilks
Wing/Davis/Wilks Main Desk: WDW Commons - 802.656.2520
Coolidge/Redstone/Slade Main Desk: Wright Hall Lobby - 802.656.3200

LC: Sustainability
Campus: Athletic
Buildings: Harris and University Heights South
Main Desk: Harris/Millis Commons - 802.656.2052
Main Desk: U-Heights South Lobby - 802.656.8822

LC: Wellness Environment
Campuses: Central/North and Redstone
Buildings: Central Campus Residence Hall, Christie, Converse, Patterson, Wright
CCRH Main Desk: CCRH Lobby - 802.656.9820
Christie/Wright/Patterson Main Desk: Wright Hall Lobby - 802.656.3200

August 14: Quarantine Arrival Process

Step One: Check In

  • Pick up keys at your permanently assigned residence hall
  • Unpack your belongings and bring what you’ll need during quarantine with you
  • Drop off your room key at the front desk and receive your testing directions

Step Two: Complete Day 0 Test

  • Report to your testing site
  • Verify Green and Gold and Student Health and Safety Training completion
  • Receive clearance to move into quarantine space.

Step Three: Begin Quarantine

  • Pick up keys to your quarantine room
  • Unpack your belongings
  • Begin your quarantine

Dining Details: All information, including cost, dietary accommodations and menus can be found here on the Dining website.

Engagement Opportunities: Student Life, Residential Life, and New Student Programs are teaming up to kick-off UVM Welcome early this year. More information coming from the UVMStrong Session August 11 at 7pm.

August 24-28: Move-In Process

Step One: Check-In

  • Pick up keys at your residence hall
  • Receive your testing directions

  • Unpack your belongings

Step Two: Complete Testing

  • Report to your testing site.
  • Verify Green and Gold and Student Health and Safety Training completion
  • Complete your test

Dining Details: All information, including cost, dietary accommodations and menus can be found on the Dining website.

Engagement Opportunities: Student Life, Residential Life, and New Student Programs are teaming up to kick-off UVM Welcome early this year. More information coming at the UVMStrong Session August 11 at 7pm.


Off-Campus Move-In (All students)

The Office of Student and Community Relations answers your questions about returning to Burlington, including quarantine planning and Burlington's Supportive Quarantine Program.

  • Required Pre-Arrival Test: All off-campus students must complete their test from Vault (check your UVM Email)
  • Required “Day 0” Test: All off-campus students must complete a “Day 0” test the week of August 24 (download CoVerified app for times). If quarantining in Burlington, off-campus students can register for Burlington's Supportive Quarantine Program. You’ll receive a move-in care package and daily check-ins. Pro Tip: It’s free!
  • Have questions about Covid-19 or landlord-tenant issues? Contact the Office of Student and Community Relations.



Testing and Contact Tracing  (All students except undergraduates in at-home option)
The Center for Health and Wellbeing COVID-19 Information gives answers to questions and topics that have come up related to COVID-19 testing, symptom tracking and contact tracing in the fall semester.

Fall Orientation (Undergraduate new students only)
New students, view your summer schedule or head over to your summer status page to check on your pre-arrival checklist. UVM's New Student Programs will launch their virtual fall orientation experience the week of August 24.

Student Activities   (All students)
Programs (both in-person and virtual) will be featured on UVM Bored and on the UVM Welcome Compass App.


These mobile applications (all have desktop versions) will play a big role in your life on campus this fall.

Pro Tip: download them all before you arrive so you’ll be ready.

BITE APP: for mobile food ordering, dining hall space reservations and meals-to-go (Register, then get a notification to download.)
COVERIFIED (Coming Soon!): for testing times and symptom tracking 
LIVE SAFE: for campus safety and alerts (Download the app anytime, UVM sign-in available Monday, August 10)
UVM COMPASS: for UVM Welcome events (the UVM Welcome 2020 guide will be published by Friday, August 14)


Phone: (802) 656-1010