Dear Faculty and Staff,

Below is an important message that was sent to students this afternoon containing information about our decision to move to twice-weekly testing and elevated sanctioning.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Gary Derr


Dear Students,

The ability to offer in-person classes—with safety precautions—has enabled UVM to reduce the impact of the pandemic on your educational journey.

With your collaboration, we have set a standard for others to follow. But, with the spread of more contagious strains of COVID-19, we now find ourselves at a critical moment.

This is why we’re introducing two important measures to help keep us safe and learning in-person this semester: expanded testing and increased accountability.

Expanded Testing: Two Times Per Week

Beginning March 1, all students who are required to test will now be required to complete a COVID-19 test two times per week with three days between each test.

The testing center is expanding operations (offering additional testing slots and Saturday hours) to accommodate you (view hours and recommended testing pattern).  More frequent testing will enable us to identify positive cases and close contacts earlier—and that will help everyone. Please use the CoVerified app to schedule your test so that we can plan for appropriate staff in the testing center. You may request an exemption here.

Twice weekly testing is required through March 13, 2021 at which time we will review the results, seek advice from medical professionals, and determine whether to continue twice weekly testing.

Increased Accountability: Sanctions

Because the stakes are high, we are also elevating sanctions.

Effective immediately, all violations of the Green and Gold Promise, except for a first missed test, will be reviewed for suspension by the Center for Student Conduct in accordance with University policy. Please note that on-campus residential students will have 48 hours from a final conduct decision of suspension to vacate their residential hall and leave campus. This will remain in effect until March 31, 2021 and may be extended if necessary.

Quarantine and Isolation Update

With additional quarantine space in Mercy Hall, we are able to manage our current cases by providing close contacts of residential students who test positive space to quarantine. You can learn more about the on-campus quarantine experience on this new webpage.

And please, if you are a student who is struggling or seeking additional support, the following groups are standing by to help:

• College / School Dean’s Offices and Student Support Services (view directory)
• Identity Centers and the Interfaith Center (view directory)
• Counseling and Psychiatry Services (appointments and after-hours care)
• Student Health Services (appointments and COVID questions)
• Vice Provost and Dean of Students Office (contact information)

I believe you all will rise to this new challenge as you have so many times this academic year so that we can stay together, in person, through the end of the semester.

Gary Derr
Vice President for Operations and Public Safety


Gary Derr Vice President for Operations and Public Safety